Transferring Data from Windows 7 to XP Pro

  Abel 17:10 15 Oct 2012

I have a desktop with XP Pro as its O/S and a laptop with Windows 7, both of which are networked. I want to import into XP Pro the contents of Outlook, Outlook Express, Word and Excel from Windows 7. How can I do this please? I can no longer find extensions dbx and .pst in Windows 7 for Outlook Express and Outlook. I haven’t searched for the others, as I suspect they same will apply.

  onthelimit1 17:24 15 Oct 2012

Why have you asked this again as you've already had an answer from FE to your previous, identical, post?

  Abel 17:36 15 Oct 2012

Earlier today I tried to post this question but was told there was a problem with the website. However, having posted again I see the question was received and answered by the FE.

There are still problems with the site and, incidently, whether Outlook Express exists or not, it works perfectly well on my desktop machine. As for my question, it was answered by the FE in such a way that if I had the knowledge he attributed to me, then I would not have to ask the question in the first place.

  Abel 17:36 19 Oct 2012

FE why have my posts been messed about with? There was a double post of mine, your response and subaequently another contributor posted a response too. All that now shows is one post of mine and onthelimit1's question asking why I had double posted. What happened to the others? Surely you're not coy about the way you responded to my query?

  Woolwell 18:45 19 Oct 2012

There are 4 posts about this. I replied to one Previous thread and the other is here

  Woolwell 18:47 19 Oct 2012

It is difficult to understand what you want to do as Outlook Express will not be on the laptop.

  Abel 14:26 20 Oct 2012

Hello Woolwell! Clearly the FE separated my double posts into two separate ones. As you've mentioned, you originally asked why I had posted an identical item twice. At that time only my original post existed. You'll notice that, after my mild criticism, his original curt response is now no longer to be seen. Let me explain. The desktop machine I referred to had 10 or more years data on it when, for some unexplained reason, the drive was completely wiped clean, not even the O/S remained. I then had to revert to my laptop and Windows 7. After some weeks I managed, by an extreme stroke of luck, to discover a much older backup on another machine I no longer use. I hate the laptop with a passion and more so Windows 7, so I now want to transfer the work and recorded events off the laptop onto my desktop. As I have pointed out somewhere the desktop O/S is XP Pro. Incidentally, I have many times made the FE aware that I get no e-mail notifications of responses to my posts, but nothing seems to have been done about it. Clearly, that is the reason I've only just become aware of yours.

  Woolwell 15:08 20 Oct 2012

FE's reply is to be seen Previous thresd. Found by viewing your posts through your profile (My Posts) at the top.

If you have MS Office (Word and Excel) installed on both the laptop and desktop then simply copy the files across using a usb memory stick or external drive or over the network.

On the laptop I assume that you are using Outlook - which version - 2007 or 2010 or earlier? Read this export pst to Outlook Express.

IMO W7 is better than XP. The laptop will be newer and I would persevere. If you have had disc failure on the desktop then, unless you have replaced it, it may well fail again wiping your data. What back-up routine do you run?

  Abel 15:37 20 Oct 2012

Woolwell, the FE's response may well be on your 'my posts' but it's certainly not on any of mine. However, it's of no consequence, this site is about the contributors not the FE. No, I have Windows Live Mail on the laptop, and it's these files I've been trying to find. On XP of course they were .pst. I have now replaced the HDD and have to admit I haven't been regularly backing-up, but I'm now doing so, automatically, every other day using ATI 9. I have a 250Gb external hard drive attached to a USB port on my desktop machine for this express purpose. I still wasn't made aware of your most recent response

  Woolwell 15:46 20 Oct 2012

They are on your posts - scroll down to see the ones you started.

You have not mentioned Windows Live Mail before. Need to check whether on the desktop you have Outlook or Outlook Express. You can run Windows Live Mail on XP.

  Woolwell 15:49 20 Oct 2012

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