Transferring data from Psion SSD

  [DELETED] 15:21 24 May 2006

I have data on a psion SSD which I would like to transfer to a 21st century PC. How can I do this? Robin.

  mgmcc 22:47 24 May 2006

By connecting the Psion Series 3 to the PC with PsiWin software and the appropriate serial cable.

The Series 3 and 3a used the "3Link" serial cable, known as the soap-on-a-rope because of the pod in the middle with a chip containing the Comms software.

The 3c and 3mx had the Comms software built in and use the PsiWin serial cable, a 9-pin female connector to the Psion's "Honda" connector.

  [DELETED] 20:32 25 May 2006

Thanks mgmcc. I will track down the soap-on-a-roap fix and let you know the result. I had previously used a serial cable to transfer the data but although this was successful the data was formatted for a Psion and not for "word". That process required a set of floppy discs which are now out of service. Is the Psi-win software on a CD now? robinstanley.

  mgmcc 12:48 26 May 2006

You can download PsiWin 1.1 (the three floppies) from my website click here but it is very old software and the version of Word it converts to will be a few generations old too.

The version of PsiWin that was used with Windows XP and the later models of Psion - 5mx, Revo, S7, netBook - was PsiWin 2.3.3, which is about 25 Megabytes. If you want a copy of that, email me by clicking the yellow envelope and I can let you have it via "Dropload".

  [DELETED] 14:34 26 May 2006

Thank you mgmcc. The three floppies in question were in my possession until a couple of years back and allowed me with the hardware to download the data from my Psion 3 to my laptop. I have now transferred this to my PC but the results are in a less than user friendly format. My original question referred to the possibility of starting again with more recent software so that the transfer will be more readable. Thanks for your suggestions. I will attempt to re-format the information I have on my current PC.

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