Transferring data from old hard drive to new?

  Rickster007 22:42 02 Dec 2005

To begin with I would like to say I had no previous experience of installing components inside my base unit. Ok the problem i had was that my hard drive was damaged, so i telephoned Dell and they said they will replace the hard drive as the old one was badly damaged. They have done this but the problem i have now is that i had lost many files/data that i needed on the old hard drive so i took it to a local technician. They repaired the drive and said it was possible to send data from my old drive to the new one by connecting it with cables to the computer and i can select the files i want to transfer. Now i have no idea how to connect the old drive to the computer. I have heard that i do not need to by cables as they may be in the base unit but i havent got a clue where to find them and also i have heard stuff about jumpers, slave drive and master drive. All i want to do is transfer the files and throw away the old drive. Please can anyone tell me what to do and how to connect thh drives. I am using windows XP home edition if that helps and also have a CD-R/RW / DVD player combo drive. (NOTE not a DVD R/RW).

  Mavericke 23:13 02 Dec 2005

I think you would need to install the hard drive into your pc and fire it up. Locate your files and then send them to the new hard drive.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:02 03 Dec 2005

As Mavericke says, you can connect the original hard disk as a slave drive. Set the jumpers on it as to the slave position.

Then open windows explorer and you should find the files you need there.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:49 03 Dec 2005
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:58 03 Dec 2005

1. look at your old Harddrive is there a picture on it that shows how to set the jumpers to slave?
Can you see where to fit the lslave jumper?

2. switch off PC unplug remove covers

3. earth yourself by toughing a radiator

4. can you see the flat (IDE) ribbon cable that connects your hard drive to the motherboard, there should be a spare connection on it.

5. slide the old hard drive into the bay and secure with screws

6. connect the IDE cable and a spare power cable (D shaped 4 wires)

7. boot the PC and enter the BIOS (message on first screen sys press ???? key too enter set up)

8. in the CMOS setings set the primary slave to auto (or there may be a key (F3) to auto dtect drives)

9. save and exit (F10)

reboot the PC your old drive should now show up in My computer so you can access the files.

  Rickster007 20:15 03 Dec 2005

So there is only one cable that needs to be connected to the slave drive. Also i dont have any screws for the hard drive cause the person from dell used the old ones to fit in teh new drive, what shall i do for this?

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