transferring data to new computer

  di 07:21 10 Jun 2004

please help!

I am hoping to buy a new desktop computer as mine was bought in 1998. when I asked in my local store they told me it can’t be upgraded, well it can, but it would cost more than a new one, I asked them what happens to all the info on my old computer and they said just copy it onto a cd and transfer it onto your new one. I do have a CD drive on my computer but I didn't realise I could copy onto it. Is it possible? and would this be the right way to copy all my info on to a new computer. I will try to buy a new one online and get it cheaper as the shop prices are presumably higher. The shop did say they would copy my info for £20 if I decide what info I wanted transferred, I have had the computer so long I don't even know what I need to have transferred. sorry to ramble on but the thought of a new computer scares me as I am used to my old one. Thanks in anticipation of your help

  rawprawn 07:27 10 Jun 2004

I don't know what you are doing with your old computer but you could just keep the hard drive and install it in your new computer as a slave. Then you can copy whatever you want.I did that with my old one and gave the rest of it to a charity.

  di 18:50 10 Jun 2004

Is there anyone else out there who can answer my query, I would be grateful of any help

  VoG II 19:02 10 Jun 2004

You can copy onto a CDRW not an ordinary CD drive. If it is a CDRW it will say "ReWritable" or similar on the front.

Assuming that your new PC comes with Windows XP you can use the Documents and Settings Transfer Wizard click here - if you are going to use floppy disks for this it will take you a while (!).

  VoG II 19:11 10 Jun 2004

Here's how to do it using a cable connected between the old and new PCs click here

  TomJerry 19:14 10 Jun 2004

very easy to do it, cost £5, will give you the link next post.

  TomJerry 19:22 10 Jun 2004

USB datalink cable should do the trick. USB1 one just £5.13 inc VAT (product code 39504) click here, USB2 one £9.16 inc VAT (product code 51250)click here

Your old machine should have usb port, but it would only be usb 1.1. Usb 2.0 also work with usb 1.1 port with slower speed. For future proof, you may get a usb 2.0 one.

I do not think you can find any method easier than this. If your old machine does not have usb port, you can get a parallel cable to connect two PCs through printer ports, but this is slow and difficult to make set up.

  di 18:31 11 Jun 2004

thanks everyone for help. now I know I can connect my two computers it will be easy I think.

TomJerry, what do you mean?

my old machine does have 2 usb ports the first I used for my hp psc all in one, but if there are two are they called usb 1.1. and Usb 2.0 or does usb 1.1 aand usb 2.0 mean different things????
please enlighten me

  VoG II 23:08 11 Jun 2004

USB 1.1 and 2.0 are different versions of the same thing, in layman's terms anyway. The socket that you plug the cable into is identical. However, 2.0 is a lot faster than 1.1.

The chances are that your old PC has 1.1 and the new one will have 2.0. When you connect them up to transfer data, the data transfer will run at 1.1 speed and there's nothing you can do to change that.

Overall, it simply means that it will be a bit slower than if both machines had USB 2.0.

I hope that clarifies things a bit.

  di 10:15 12 Jun 2004

you have all benn so helpfull as usual

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