Transferring data from cd-rw.

  Meshuga 19:43 12 Jul 2005

I have downloaded AVG free edition and saved it on to cd-rw. How do I transfer it into my pc as it says I cant do that or delete it as its Read Only. My os is win xp sp2.

  andrew-196854 20:03 12 Jul 2005

you could try this click here

  Meshuga 20:12 12 Jul 2005

Many thanks dibblydufuss. Not sure if that would do the trick but will keep it in mind if all else fails. On reflection, might be simpler to download direct from AVG direct onto HD. Thanks again anyway.

  The Belarussian Mafia 20:41 12 Jul 2005

Meshuga - I suspect you have put your CD-RW into a CD-Rom drive. If so, stick it into a rewritable CD drive and you should be able to do the transfer. If it still doesn't work, right-click the file, go down to properties, then uncheck the box that says 'Read-only file', and Bob's your Uncle. (To cut a long story short, in some circumstances it is a matter of doing this once you have transferred the file onto your hard disk.)

(NB If you are using a CD-R, not a CD-RW this won't work as all files will always be read-only.)

  Meshuga 21:27 12 Jul 2005

Hi Belarussian Mafia. I am using CD-RW disks and the drive is marked as an "ASUS compact CD-rewriteable drive". I will try unticking the box you suggested. Many thanks.

  VoG II 21:43 12 Jul 2005

I'm just wondering how you did this. Did you download directly onto a CD-RW?

  Meshuga 22:30 12 Jul 2005

Hi VoG, yes I did. I clicked on "save" and then clicked to save on " Drive E" which is my CD-RW drive. It shows on the disk as AVG free and is 11+ MB.

  Meshuga 07:39 13 Jul 2005


  accord 07:56 13 Jul 2005

why did you save to cd-rw?

In the past I have saved to HDD and then transfered the exe file to disc. this works fine as i did this for AVG, ZA, ad-aware, spybot for my partners machine before she got hooked up to BB.

  Stuartli 09:06 13 Jul 2005

Using a CD-RW disk in a CD-ROM drive shouldn't cause any problems unless it is an older model which might have difficulty reading the disk (CD-RW reflectivity levels are very much lower than that of a CD-R).

I keep a copy of all such utilities, applications on CD-Rs used in multisession form and installing is exactly the same procedure as if doing it from the hard drive.

  Meshuga 14:47 13 Jul 2005

Hi accord, my reason for saving download direct to cd-rw was so that in the near future when NAV comes up for renewal I would have AVG to hand and could try it out. I have done this before and it worked. The pc is only a little over 18 months old and since it is a cd-rw drive (E) surely there is some way of putting something on the disk without it being "read only" I`ve tried taking the tick out of read only box as was suggested but it goes back again, even though apply is ticked. Regards.

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