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Transferring from Cable to TalkTalk

  namtas 12:49 07 Apr 2008

I am considering transferring my broadband from the original NTL, now Virgin to TalkTalk.
At present I have a home network set up using a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router connected to the ntl cable modem.
I want to retain the present network that works well.

Can someone advise, can I retain the existing router, presumably connected to a supplied TalkTalk modem - or do I have to purchase a TalkTalk wireless router , and if so does any one have any information on how easy they are to set up as I have heard that they can be impossible for home set up.

  bobbybluenose 13:02 07 Apr 2008

i have being with talk talk for three years and i have just gone wireless which talk talk provided the router for free, it comes with its own software and is easy to install just pop the cd in and follow onscreen instructions trust me ime a beginner and i never had a problem and i have since set two more PCs in the house.

  Stuartli 13:06 07 Apr 2008

Any queries about TalkTalk broadband can be found in its Help and Support pages.

For instance, these are the details of supported and unsupported modems:

click here

You should particularly note that TalkTalk (as with AOL) uses an MTU setting of 1432.

Other valuable information can be found at the members' forum pages:

click here

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