Transferring audio tapes from Hi-Fi to computer?

  KARINA 13:07 23 May 2003

I am not a computer expert.......but i do know that audio cassettes can be transferred to into mp3 or other format to the question is what sort of cables do i require to do this...........i have read on various articles that you connect the hifi to the soundcard........duh.........i need the abc of cabling to know how to connect to the soundcard (where and how do i connect to the soundcard and how do i do it and what sort of cables to i ask for when shopping around.......better still can you suggest a place i buy them from.......i did specialise in economics when i was at uni but when it comes to computers i am duh!!!!!!!

  beeuuem 13:13 23 May 2003

Try click here for lots of useful information.

This click here is bit more technical.

And this gives more linksclick here

  stlucia 13:17 23 May 2003

What cable you get depends simply on the type of connectors on your sound card and on your hi-fi.

Usually the soundcard line-in is a stereo mini jack socket.

Your hi-fi might have two separate phono plugs for line-out left and right channels (the best place to connect), or you might use a headphone socket if it's a Walkman or something like that. In that case, it's probably another stereo mini jack socket just like the one on your headphones.

Most computer and hi-fi shops will be able to sell you a lead with the correct plugs once you've identified what they are.

  KARINA 13:31 23 May 2003

i can't figure out which socket the soundcard is from the back of the hard drive .......... is it colour coded............ there are 5 little sockets (ie little holes) ie black, green, pink, blue and yellow.........the green hole has the speakers attached to it.........would it be a hole socket or a scart lead socket......... the pink hole has a picture of a microphone next to pc is a dell dimension (pentium 3) bought during 2000......if that is of any help.....

  beeuuem 13:35 23 May 2003

Maplin can supply cables. click here and look under Audio Video Cables & Accessories. If you click on the items it will show the plugs used on the cable.
Though as stlucia says, most PC or Hi-Fi shops will also have the leads you need.

  beeuuem 13:40 23 May 2003

From click here
Most sound cards have four 1/8" jacks- two outputs and two inputs. One of the inputs will be marked as the microphone input either by the word "Mike" or "Mic" or by an icon of a microphone. Don't use that one!

Instead, find the Line input. Check the markings on the back of your sound card to determine which one it is - there are usually either symbols or text labels back there to help you out. If the labels are not clear, refer to your manual. Make sure that the plug you use going into your sound card is a 1/8" stereo connector.
Normally the line in socket is the blue one.

  YMR 13:41 23 May 2003

I have just purchased audio cleaning lab deluxe 3.0 software made by Magix and it includes the cable and adapter and tells you how to connect up to your soundcard (the blue socket at the back). It will also clean up the recordings if they are a bit hissy or crackly. Have a look at click here although I think you can get it from Amazon.

  KARINA 14:05 23 May 2003

Thanks for everyones advice..........i have just purchased the 'Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 3 Deluxe' from Amazon for £19.99..............thanks everyone............

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