Transferred music to new laptop--wont play!

  hawthorn59 17:00 27 Dec 2008

Hi folks,

Ive transferred my Windows Media Player 11 music to my new laptop (also WMP 11) and some tracks wont play. These are all tracks I purchased from an online music store, which has since closed.

Funny thing is not all tracks have the problem, only some. And even some songs on a particular album will play and some wont. It looks up media license and says the page has expired.

They are also marked with an excalmation mark (blue) in the WMP library. It says "You must get more sync rights before you can sync this file". Does that not just apply to mp3 players etc? I transferred them on a usb drive, could this be the problem?

I cant see a way out of about if I burned them on the old laptop to a cd and ripped tham on to the new one?


  Pineman100 17:38 27 Dec 2008

I had a similar (but not identical) problem a few days ago. I had a couple of tracks that were nominally .mp3 tracks but my MP3 player kept saying that the digital rights needed renewing (even though I had bought them only the day before from a DRM-free site).

Even though they already had .mp3 extensions, I ran each track through the WMP Windows Audio Converter, set to output as MP3. After that, they played perfectly.

It might be worth trying this.

  canarieslover 19:31 27 Dec 2008

Almost certainly a DRM problem. Most sites that you download from only allow the one computer and two stand alone players for the song to be transferred to. You are effectively renting the music and not buying it. They usually allow burning to a CD so you can do that and then rip them again on the new machine. Remember to switch DRM of if using Windows Media Player to rip files.

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