transfering vynil to hard drive

  mikefromp1 22:07 19 Sep 2005

what is the feasibility of transfering vynil recordings to my hard drive. I use XP. What I'm looking for is an application that will allow me to edit an audio file.


  stalion 22:23 19 Sep 2005
  buckeye 22:40 19 Sep 2005

Magix audio cleaning the one for u.It will allow editing , cleaning and at the end of it all you can convert your stuff to Mp3 or wma.
I have used it to clean up the old scratchy vinyl scores of times and I,m quite happy.

  conrail 22:43 19 Sep 2005

I use audio cleaning lab, click here, you will need a turntable with built in amp, I got mine from maplins

  PC Bilbo 23:39 19 Sep 2005

I had a load of old jazz records on 78's and just used a turntable connected via a preamp (£25 from Maplin a year ago) into my computer.The only other expense was for male/female jack skt adapters.

For software I use Pinnacle Steinberg Clean which can remove a lot of the hiss and crackle etc.Have heard reasonable reports of Magix also but have'nt used myself.

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