Transfering of video from enhanced music cd's!

  darkreign 08:20 10 Sep 2007


I've just started transfering my music collection to my hardrive and found no problems with using windows media player to convert and save the music in mp3 format.


...some of the music cd's contain videos, now a few seem to be okay when i drag and drop on to the HD and playback is okay on Quicktime, but there are others which don't seem to work! Drag and drop seems to work but no playback! Can anybody suggest a solution?

Many thanks in advance.

  holme 12:58 10 Sep 2007

What is the format of these files please? If unknown to media player, you will need to convert them into something it will recognise.

  darkreign 20:25 10 Sep 2007

...when I drag and drop the video folder from my disk to the hd, i get a number of files;

video_ts.bup Bup file
video_ts Nero ShowTime File
vts_01_0.bup Bup file
vts_01_0 Nero Showtime File
vts_01_0 Windows Media Player (.VOB)
vts_01_1 Windows Media Player (.VOB)
vts_01_2 Windows Media Player (.VOB)

Rightclicking on each of the last 3 files and hitting play, doesn't play the video. Selecting all three and hitting play does play the video in media player! Is this how's it's meant to be or should there be just one icon in the my videos which would play the video?


  C3 01:20 11 Sep 2007

These are DVD files. To play them you should be able to open the vts_01_0.ifo in Windows Media Player or Nero Showtime or other players.

You could also use AutoGK to convert it into XviD format so it will only have one .avi file. AutoGK is very easy to use, but READ the FAQs before using it!

  darkreign 07:27 11 Sep 2007

..I don't recall seeing a "vts_01_0.ifo" in the folder, but i'll have another look (when i get back home). As for Autogk, it sounds good but, again, i'll have to check it out when i get home (company blocks the website). Knowing my luck it'll not be freeware/shareware.

Many Thx to you all.

  darkreign 20:22 11 Sep 2007

...there's definitely no ".ifo" file in the folder! Clicking on any one of the last 3 items in the list plays the video. But saving only one of the last three items onto the hd and then trying to play it from that doesn't work!!

Have downloaded autogk but was wondering if it was compatible with vista. I'd rather not install it only to discover that's clashed with the system.

Thanks again.

  holme 21:13 11 Sep 2007

Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday. I've been following the thread but haven't got a simple answer.

It's rather a heavy-handed solution but Ulead's VideoStudio v9 or later will import video/sound files directly off DVD and can then re-code them into any format you want for replay. Very few edit progs can do that. But I'm not sure if it will read videos off music CDs.

I thought I had some VTS.vob files to try but haven't located them to date.

If you wanted to try it though, there's a trial download of VideoStudio v11+ on click here

  C3 23:46 11 Sep 2007

I think you'll find that you have the Extentions hidden so you won't actually see the .ifo bit.

In the list you have above, it is probably going to be the "vts_01_0 Nero Showtime File".

Ah, don't know if AutoGK is compatible with Vista. Have a look through the forum or whatever to find out I guess.

Also, one thing I found with AutoGK, is that there is a register screen for one of the programs it uses.

When you first use it, you'll get the initial window open up. Set all the settings you want (read the FAQ about the hidden menu (which you can open with CTRL+F9) as there may be something you'll want to change such as the 4:5 stretch option).

When you start the job, you'll notice that nothing seems to happen. In the task bar a new window will have opened, but you can't see it on the screen when you click on it. Right click it and select Restore. You'll see a screen asking to register one of the programs (can't remember which one off-hand). Just register it and the program should then get on with it.

It works mainly through DOS command windows so there isn't really anything to watch while it does the converting.

  darkreign 21:08 13 Sep 2007

...i've been locked in a dark room for the past few days recovering from a migrane...hence the delayed feedback. (bit better now).

Thanks for you're link. I have installed videostudio v11+ and have tried to play with it. After importing, it only allows me to save as "vsp" format, and gives me a choice videostudio9, 10 or 11 version to save as. I couldn't figure out how to save in any other format (wma or whatever else is more widely used)! Any ideas on this?

You're right that file was an ".ifo" file, but it's a nero showtime file. So when i open it, it tries to open in nero movie player, the movie player and controls come up but then doesn't open...probably because i removed nero in an earlier attempt to resolve dvd rom recognition problems (which worked), So I don't really have nero on my system. I haven't had the time to reseach AutoGK yet due to my illness, but will try later (to be honest, you've scared me with your indepth process, I'm not computer literate, so I prefer programs that work with a few mouse clicks, rather then me having to think too much of what's going on).

Sorry if i sound like an ingrate but nothing could be further from the truth.

  C3 06:41 14 Sep 2007

Heh, it's one of those situations where it is much more difficult to explain it than it is to do it.

What I described above is less than 30 seconds work, although I guess it does help if you know a little bit about the options to start with.

I'd never used the program myself until the beginning of last week, but just reading the FAQs and the forums I figured out how to get it to work.

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