Transfering Outlook Express files

  montrachet 14:26 01 Jul 2010

Can anone tell me how to transfer my files from Outlook Express on my desktop operating system Windows XP, to my laptop operating system Vista.
Other than saving each individual file to a folder and copying by memory stick I cannot find a way to do it.
Thanks in advance.

  onthelimit 16:07 01 Jul 2010

Start, Programs, Accessories,System Tools, Files and Settings Transfer Wizard. Follow the prompts (I usually use 2 or 3 CDs to copy the info, but you can do it directly if the computers are networked).

  Sea Urchin 16:11 01 Jul 2010

It depends which mail program you are going to be using on the Vista laptop - you can't use OE.

  onthelimit 16:16 01 Jul 2010

I just assumed Windows Mail?

  Sea Urchin 16:24 01 Jul 2010

Yes, you are probably correct. Problem is that the .dbx files from OE cannot be imported directly into Windows Mail.

This should help:

click here

  onthelimit 16:28 01 Jul 2010

Strange - I was convinced I'd done this same thing before. Must have been XP to XP I guess.

  montrachet 19:04 05 Jul 2010

Thanks everybody all resolved now

  Sea Urchin 19:54 05 Jul 2010

Don't forget to tick the box and click the Resolved button

  David4637 20:16 05 Jul 2010

How did you resolve it, we may learn from your answer. Thanks David

  montrachet 07:43 06 Jul 2010

I typed in on Google, bless em, and the answer came up from ask

I have already posted the text on this but for some reason it didn't stick. I also closed the thread and that didn't stick either. pcadvisor having a bad day perhaps. Or more likely me!!

Leo said.
click here.

Sorry don't know how to put in a link. Hopefully somebody will tell me.
Leo also tells how to copy your address book over in the same article.
I copied from XP to Vista and it worked fine. Copying to a memory stick. It was for my laptop to take on holiday so that I would have an up to date record with me.
I will not close the thread for the moment, as perhaps somebody will tell me how to make a link to a web site.
Thanks again to all who posted on the subject.

  montrachet 07:45 06 Jul 2010

Whoops I see the link thingy happens automatically. Thanks pcadvisor.
I am now closing the thread.
Over and out as they say.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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