transfering outlook email contents to new pc ???

  Dangins 17:59 16 Jul 2004

I have bought a brand new pc and wish to transfer my old e mails/folders/contacts onto the new outlook. Can I also transfer my current internet explorer settings/favourites as well?
I want to keep the same connection details/email address as well if poss.
I dont have an antivirus disk with new pc so should i download virus software before going anywhere else if i do manage to get on line?
Cheers ... a bit of a novice im afraid.
I am upgrading from gateway 500, windows 98 to ei system P4 running xp.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:28 16 Jul 2004

Running a new PC you need a firewall don't rely on the built in XP version I prefer Zone Alarm(donot run both)
Firewalls :-
Kerio2 click here
Sygate click here
ZoneAlarm click here

Antivirus progs I use AVG
Anti Virus :-
avast4 click here
Antivir click here
AVG antivirus click here

And don't forget the Spyware, use of Spyware blaster adaware and spybot blocks most spyware

Anti Spyware :-
Spywareblaster click here
Adaware click here
Spybot S&D click here

Settings change over is easy if you have XP on your old machine? there is a settings and favorites transfer wizard in XP.

Post back for further details if you don't have XP on your old machine.

  Dangins 18:35 16 Jul 2004

hi thanks, i dont have xp on old system just windows 98. id like to keep all my messages and contacts but 98 wont let me export as it says there is no default mail client and suggest i make 'outlook the default'. i say yes but it makes no difference.
can i keep all these or burn the whole thing to a disk or something?
im not sure about firewall,spyware etc ...
what do they all do?,can i get all these free , is there a risk trying to get them without any protection?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:13 16 Jul 2004

Yes these are all free, recommended and used by myself other forum users.

1. Switch on your XP firewall download the firewall of your choice install switch off XP firewall and run the new one.

2. Download and install the antivirus software and run to make sure system clean. Don't forget to get latest update

3. Download and install some antispyware progs and updates

Using these progs and keeping them updated will save a lot of hassle in the future.

Transfer favorites: On old comp in IE File/Import and Export and follow the wizard to save to a floppy.

On new comp File/Import again, this time choose the Import option.

Transfer outlook :is same as above for saving messages and address book

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 16 Jul 2004

click here this thread describes better how to transfer IE and OE favourites and address book and messages.

  pipedream 19:37 16 Jul 2004

When you say Outlook, do you mean Outlook or Outlook Express, as there'e a difference. If it's Outlook, look for a file with a .pst extension (e.g. outlook.pst) - all your e-mails should be in here. If it's OE, there will be a .dbx file for each folder - see click here for more info.

  TommyRed 19:45 16 Jul 2004

Do you have a cd-rw on your old 98 PC, if so you could download and burn an AV and firewall on your old PC and transfer it to your new one. HTH TR

  Dangins 19:48 16 Jul 2004

its outlook express folders ,settings, addresses and messages that i wish to transfer.

yes old pc has cdrw


  TommyRed 20:10 16 Jul 2004

I would download the anti-virus that you choose onto your 98PC burn that file to CD and transfer it over to your new XP PC. That way you wont be on the Internet unprotected. You can do the same with your firewall, ZA or Outpost (which I use, click here ) they are both free. Sorry can't help with the export query. HTH TR

  SEASHANTY 20:14 16 Jul 2004


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