Transfering music to MP3

  bluebelladog 22:02 08 Oct 2008

Hi all

I am trying to put music on my aigo MP3 but no matter how or in what I drag the tracks to be transfered they will not play in order ie it plays track one from the first album followed by track one of the second album and so on, this is using media player 11 any help greatly appreciated


  MarvintheAndroid 23:29 08 Oct 2008

You need to rename the tracks, or edit the tags, so the file name doesn't begin with the track number.


  bluebelladog 20:15 10 Oct 2008

thankyou MarvintheAndroid for your suggestion on how to solve my problem not to sure how to edit the tags, I removed all the music from my library to start again, I put one disc on with 16 tracks made a playlist then moved them into the sync box to transfer them to my player thats when MP decided to change the order of play. (perplexed of canterbury)
!!help!! thanks allan

  canarieslover 20:50 10 Oct 2008

Windows explorer sorts them for you before moving them to MP3 player. Best thing is to make a temporary folder and copy tracks to this. Decide which order you want them played and then right click on the track that you want played first, select properties, click on track name and insert 1 in front of the track name, click apply and OK and you will find that sort will put this to top. Treat the other tracks in a similar fashion, ie,2,3,4 etc. when you have all the tracks numbered sort them and transfer to MP3 player. You can then delete tracks in temporary folder and use it for the next project.

  bluebelladog 22:09 14 Oct 2008

thankyou for you advice still having problems i have altered names, track numbers but when the tracks are transfered to my player they have been renumbered and come out in alphabetical order, even when i put the tracks on straight from a folder in windows the same thing happens i have an Aigo A125 could it be something to do with that i have looked through all the settings but can find nothing to help
Thanks allan

  mocha 23:30 14 Oct 2008

Hi bluebelladog,

Marvintheandroid mentioned altering the tags, in order to do this find the mp3 file you want to alter, right click it and in the menu that appears choose properties, under the tab 'Details' move down to just below year and you will see a hash sign change the number to the right to the ordered number you require for each song. See if this works.

Good Luck

  canarieslover 09:11 15 Oct 2008

I'm unable to find specs of A125 on the net so don't know if you are able to set up playlists on the player. That is the alternative way of getting tunes to play in the correct order.

  bluebelladog 21:22 15 Oct 2008

Thankyou for your advice still having problems, still insists on renumbering and playing in alphabetical order, the only thing i did not try was marvinandroid suggestion of renaming tracks but if that is the solution then it would be a lot of hassle everytime, might give it a go though just to see, a friend of mine has got a sony model which he says has a sort play mode might buy one of those,
thanks again all.

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