Transfering music - iTunes or my HDD+ATA IDE Card?

  Jeecie 19:26 26 Feb 2007

This follows on from an earlier thread click here of mine which I've marked as resolved.

I'm moving this newer problem into a thread in it's own right...

Installed & my Ultra ATA/100 hard drive is working with my Ultra ATA/66 PCI IDE Card.

Mind you... I'm having a wee problem now... I've partitioned the new 80gb HDD attached to the ATA card and when I try to copy my "itunes Music" folder across to the new partition it results in an error & Windows restarts itself automatically (I've tried copying the folder twice now & I get the same error... then when the PC reboots itself I get a bluescreen where it shows that it's checking for system file problems and/or scanning the drive... after which Windows XP loads up just fine). So.. I;m not sure if the problem is with the ATA Card... or the HDD.

Perhaps my problme is related to the ATA 66's card's compatibility with the ATA 100 HDD ??


  Jeecie 19:27 26 Feb 2007

I've copied across responses from my other thread below...

  Jeecie 19:27 26 Feb 2007

when I bought a serial ultra ata/133 card it came with a floppy disc that installed the cards software. the card has it's own bios that works alongside the motherboard bios

  Jeecie 19:27 26 Feb 2007

better to tick this one, as resolved, I think and start a new thread.

Helpers will be looking at this as a pci card/ new hard drive problem.

They will see it as resolved.

Those who are proficient with itunes may look into the new thread, rather than one to do with inserting a new pci card.

  Jeecie 19:28 26 Feb 2007

You would be better with the Hard Drive plugged into the One that CD or DVD use and put the CD or DVD in the card. Then the Hard Drive Should run at Full Speed not ata 66. As the Card is only ata 66 it will slow the Hard Drive Speed down From 100 to 66

  Jeecie 19:31 26 Feb 2007

If I swap it so that the CD-RW or DVD-ROM drive connects off of the ATA card... will that affect my drive-letters? I.e. will the PC re-jig the a-z order of the drive letters?

  woodchip 19:37 26 Feb 2007

Yes you can do edits if you know how to start programs that have been loaded to a Drive Letter but it may be quicker to just remove and reload programs etc

  ed-0 19:48 26 Feb 2007

is a good one.

If you connect the hard drive to the optical drives IDE ribbon cable and leave the optical drive disconnected. You should be able to allocate the correct drive letter to the new hard drive.

Then connect the optical drive to the pci card and check which letter has been asigned. If it has not got the vacant original drive letter, you should be able to pick it, because it is free.

They may be one drawback with this, I think. That is the cdrom drive will just work after windows has loaded. So if you were to re-install the O\S, you might have to rejig the IDE drives.

  ed-0 19:48 26 Feb 2007


  Jeecie 19:53 26 Feb 2007

Thanks woodchip..

What are "...programs that have been loaded to a Drive Letter" please? Any applications/programme I have (once installed) onto my PC from have not required me to put a CD-disk into the CD-drive in order to run the programme.. is this what you are refering to please? The only thing I can think of if when I use clipart in Word 2000... that does ask me to load the CD disk into the drive in order for me to select & insert my clipart image into my WORD document.

I do have Partion Magic which includes "Drive Mapper" - can I use that to redefine drive-letters?

  ed-0 19:57 26 Feb 2007

" I do have Partion Magic which includes "Drive Mapper" - can I use that to redefine drive-letters? "

Just use XP's built in software, less to go wrong.

Right click my computer> manage> disk management. Right click the drive and pick change drive letter. It has a dropdown box. You should be able to change all, except the O/S drive "C".

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