Transfering Movies onto Memory card to play on PDA

  russmini 18:46 05 May 2005

As title says, is there a program, free or paid for that i can use to transfer movies, not necessarily hours long to a SD card so they can be played on Pocket PC PDA ??


  Technotiger 18:50 05 May 2005

Hi, do you mean the same type of SD card as used in Digital Cameras? If so, you need a USB Card Reader, your SD card then acts the same as any other drive when connected to pc, so you could then drag & drop onto card.


  Technotiger 18:51 05 May 2005

ps - you didn't say, but I am assuming your movies are already on pc?

  russmini 18:54 05 May 2005

Yes same type SD card, know that bit, its the slightly more techie bit i'm not too sure about i.e. a movie is in one type of encoding ? what would i need to do to turn that into one that i can use on PDA ?

  russmini 19:01 05 May 2005

No not on PC yet, that is what i am after, a program, package to do it all.


  Technotiger 19:20 05 May 2005

OK - if you are on XP there is Windows Movie Maker - free as it is part of XP. Or there are plenty of software programs to put your movies onto your hard drive. You could probably find free downloads on the net or free full programs on PC Magazine cover discs. You might even find something on the Downloads page on this PC Advisor site (in blue print above).


  Bagsey 21:04 05 May 2005

You dont say what format the video is. If it is from a digital camera then there is no real problem but if they are VHS ( analogue) then you will need a capture card in your computer to convert the analogue to digital for the computer to handle. Once you have the video on the computer then you will need the software to edit in . Movie maker is very basic but you have it for free on a machine running XP. But up grade to Moviemaker 2, this greatly improves its features. Not sure what format a PDA uses but I suspect you will need some compression software to turn you video file into Mpeg format. But someone else will no doubt be able to answer that one.

  barney1234568910 21:14 05 May 2005

i have already done this, do you have pocket pc 2003 which has windows media player 9.0. If the movie is on the pc and in windows media format it can then be dragged and dropped to the sd card through the pda. You must connect the pda to the pc using a hot sync cable or cradle. Then go to my computer, devices with removable storage - click on pda icon, locate the sd card and drag and drop to the card.

Hope this works

  russmini 21:25 05 May 2005

The movie is on a dvd, normal everyday film, trying to convert to play on PDA, after yet another customer haresses me at work, bring me back down / make me smile again !! Ha ha ha ha !!

As i said, not the usual 1.5 / 2 hour film cause of size limits on SD card, best bits etc etc..


  russmini 21:44 05 May 2005

Thanks, the first link seems to get the better reviews and also one of those is by someone who has a X50V, the same as mine, so, i have saved page for now and see if anyone else comes along with any other suggestions.


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