transfering to a free d/disc

  ineedalabotomy 19:24 04 Dec 2007

Hi, I am coming to the end of my h/drive (c:)1.5gb left from 16gb. I have a larger h/d installed in my PC, 38gb (F:) Seems obvious to transfer data to this ! how would i go about this please ? Running xp pro....Thanks

  fishface113 20:00 04 Dec 2007

The quick fix is just to transfer music, pictures and data by drag and drop to the bigger drive.
Just leave the programs and windows files on c:

Just a small point though, these drives are tiny by todays standards and it would be worth getting a much bigger drive which will be really quite cheap these days.

  sinbads 20:00 04 Dec 2007

right click on your documents select properties and change the location to F drive

  Totally-braindead 20:18 04 Dec 2007

What the others have said is fine if it clears enough space.

You can move data such as pictures, videos, documents etc. What you cannot move in many cases is the programs themselves and I'll try to explain why.

When you install a program it doesn't just install itself to say Program Files, XXXX it also adds other bits and pieces to the hard drive, things into registry for example and if you move the program then when you try to run it, it no longer knows where the rest of the program is and will crash.

Now you can get round this if you have the original disk. All you do is delete the program from the C drive and reinstall it, this time telling it to install on another hard drive, when it installs and you have say told it to install on the E hard drive it will install and automatically will set itself up again using the new info on where the program now is.

For example. Say you have the Microsoft Office disk. You can delete Office from C and then reinstall it from scratch on F by telling it you want it installed on F instead of letting it install on the default C drive.

If you add any other new programs then do the same with that, tell it when installing you want it installed on F instead of C by clicking the browse button and pointing to the other drive.

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