Transfering folders from home to college -Tricky!

  Major Disaster 17:11 26 Sep 2006

Basically got a lot of work that i have to transport around from home to college, and id like to be able to copy it to a medium so both my home and school pc can be up to date with the latest files and folders. Simple you might think... not really. The ICT manager is paranoid, so...

1. We cant use USB keys (USB port disabled).
2. We cant use CDs (no cd drives).
3. We cant use access my desktop type websites (Active X disabled).
4. Just to show you the extent of these "security measures", right click has been disabled to stop them "wearing out"!!!

We CAN use email (only meant to use the official school one but there are ways to get around that...) but the problem with that is that we can only upload 1 indivual file at a time to send to ourselves, not folders.

I am wondering if you know of a way i can move around FOLDERS (and groups of files) considering that the college pcs are basically on lock down? (We obviously cant install any programmes there either).

Thanks for any help.

  ArrGee 17:14 26 Sep 2006

Get the files you want and zip them into one folder.

  ArrGee 17:15 26 Sep 2006

You can then send the zip file as an attachement to an e-mail account which you can access and unzip at college.

  Major Disaster 17:18 26 Sep 2006

Sounds like a good idea, thanks!

Have to check that win zip hasnt been disabled though...

  EARLR 17:18 26 Sep 2006

talk to the ICT manager and explain your problem. it might help to explain that the computers are not his but belong to the school.
if that fails talk to his boss.
good luck

  johnnyrocker 17:21 26 Sep 2006

click here you can transfer up to a gig at a time, might help.


  Major Disaster 17:24 26 Sep 2006

I have done so before (to the head of ict) and have given up so thats why im resorting to this.

Conversation goes...
"Can we use hotmail?"
"No, full of viruses".
- OK kinda understandable...

"Can we use gmail?"
"No, we need all emails monitored".
- Ok.....

"Can we use USB keys"
"No they are a security risk".
"We virus scan them and everything ourselves"
- Hmmm...

"Can we use CDs"
"No they are a security risk".

His solcution...
"Attach files one at a time..."

Talking to the head master might be an option, but whos he gona listen to, a student or the head of ICT?

Even stuff like...
"Hey i noticed a box of duff hard drives that i heard were gona be thrown away, can i have one to play with?"
"No, we will recycle them".

this guy just seems unreasonable...

  Major Disaster 17:26 26 Sep 2006

thanks looks good, but again thats only for indivual files, unless i can zip them up at college, will have to check tomorrow.

Thanks again

  Pineman100 17:30 26 Sep 2006

I suggest you try to interest your ICT Manager in an alternative career.

He could get a job managing a fleet of company cars, and take all the engines out in case they crash.

  Major Disaster 17:32 26 Sep 2006

Excatly my thoughts.

The logic behind disabling right click just baffled me "to stop it wearing out"?!

Well might as well be safe and disable left click as well then, that gets used more so is more prone to wear!!! Sounds logical...

  DerekR 18:45 26 Sep 2006

This reminds me of my old days back in the Army.
One QMS (Quarter Master Sergent) had the philosophy that stores were for storing, not issuing. Maybe he was a ex-blanket stacker from the Royal Logistics Corps?

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