transfering files through DOS

  Blade 69 22:07 03 Nov 2003

Have a laptop and I have some very important work on it. I have no operating system on it. I have managed to get into DOS but is there a way I can transfer the files onto another system i.e. through serial or parallel port. The laptop only has a floppy drive. And I don?t want to copy it all on to floppy disks as the file is 100Mb zipped. Or is there a way I can install a operating system on it so I can retrieve the work.

Thanks in advance.

  woodchip 22:11 03 Nov 2003

Dos is a Operating System. But do not know how you would get the info of other than Floppy's. But it's slow as you say

  A_World_Maker 22:32 03 Nov 2003

Could you get your modem up and running in Dos?.... ftp the files onto a webspace?

  A_World_Maker 22:41 03 Nov 2003

there is a command to send a file to the printer (hence the parallel port) but not to a printer, but as a print file (prn). Although I am not sure if you can change it back, or what you can do with it once there?

  flecc 22:43 03 Nov 2003

You say only a floppy drive? Unusual. If there's a CD ROM drive, Knoppix, which is Linux that runs from a CD can give an operating system. By default it recognises Windows partitions and files and can use the legacy ports, but I'm not sure about it's facilities for cable connection transfer.

If you search Google for the Knoppix CD, there's a site which will sell you one for ?2. It's actually a free Linux version but the charge is just to cover costs.

Has twe laptop got a LAN connection? If so, the Knoppix could network for file transfer.

Another way is with XP. An XP CD will once installed will give 30 days use before activation has to be completed, in effect a trial, so you could use any XP installation CD briefly as a trial if you know anyone with one. Then you'd have all the usual Windows facilities.

  VoG II 22:45 03 Nov 2003

I don't understand this. What do you mean by "I have no operating system on it" ?

As woodchip says, you do have an O/S if you have MS-DOS. Please explain more fully.

  Blade 69 23:21 03 Nov 2003

well dont have dos but i using the boot disk i can copy edit etc things. if i cant connect through serial port can i transfer files through infred or use usb and if so how can i use usb?

  Pesala 23:26 03 Nov 2003
  Gandalph 00:36 04 Nov 2003

Has the Laptop got a hard drive and if so, how big is it?

You could try getting hold of an external Zip drive and transfer the OS from your PC to Zip Disc then using the parallel port on your Laptop put the OS onto your HDD. Reformat the Zip disc's then transfer your information from your PC to the Laptop using the same method. I did this for a couple of years with an old HP Notebook and it worked OK.

  keith-236785 09:26 04 Nov 2003

windows3.1 is available on (i think) 8 floppy disks, once setup you should be able to use a serial cable link to transfer the files, i dont know how but im sure there will be info on the web.

or you could go for windows95 on floppy (21 floppy disks), but still no usb support.

even with dos 6.22 you might be able to set up a link but it wont be easy.

only other thing i can think of would be to get a laptop H/D to IDE connector cable and connect the laptop drive to a pc with a cd/rw and copy the files to a cd.

good luck

  pj123 10:57 04 Nov 2003

I, like VoG, don't understand either. If there is no O/S on it how did the files get on there in the first place?

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