Transfering files from old computer.

  Jew 22:38 21 Jan 2004

My Windows 95 computer being old and unreliable, so I have decided to invest in shiny new Mesh running xp home. Will I be able to transfer all my Files from the old to the new?

My main problem is that the Floppy disk drive on the old machine does not work. Is there a way around this? Most of the files are Word (doc) files

  User-312386 22:39 21 Jan 2004

do you have a cd-rw drive or any USB ports?

  johnnyrocker 22:44 21 Jan 2004

and what was the mesh promise re delivery etc?


  woodchip 22:44 21 Jan 2004

USB does not work on 95. The only way is to fit a CDRW as a temporary measure. If you have a CDRW in the new comp you could use that then when you have copied you files to CD put the CDRW back in the new comp

  jimv7 23:09 21 Jan 2004

Remove the hard drive from your old computer, disconnect the cd/cdrw/dvd from the new 1, replace with the old hard drive and start the new computer.

Make a folder on the new 'c' drive calling it 'old drive' double left click 'my computer' open the 'd' drive (old drive) go to view, make all files show, select all and copy to the newly created 'old drive' folder.

Shut the computer down, disconnect the old drive, reconnect your cd/cdrw/dvd and you have access to all your old files in a convenient folder on your new computer.

woodchips advice is sound but careful of your warranty if you take the CDRW out of the new machine and 2. because of certain software issues it might be better to use the floppy drive (though obviously slower you will not have to try to convince a CD writing program to work on the old machine)

  daxian 23:15 21 Jan 2004

you could put the 95 harddrive in the new puter as a slave and transfer the files that way .

  woodchip 23:16 21 Jan 2004

A new Floppy drive from about £5 at a Comp Fair and if you want to get more info on you Floppy disc's I can send you a Floppy format program that will format a 1.44Mb floppy disc so you can put 1.72Mb on it and it's just the same as a 1.44 it does not use compression so you could zip file to get even more on the floppy disc. If you want the Program click the little Envelope to the left of this post

  daxian 23:17 21 Jan 2004

will have to type faster

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