Transfering DVD to Hard Drive

  ToniMac 10:53 20 Aug 2005

Hi All,
I'd like to copy some DVD clips to my HD and do some editing.

I have Sonic Digital Media but I don't think this can do it. Not sure what type of files they need to be converted to either, maybe WMV?

I'm a bit new to this as you can probably tell :)

Any help appreciated.


  Joe R 11:05 20 Aug 2005


just put the dvd in your rom/writer, and copy and paste the files onto your hard drive.

  ToniMac 11:10 20 Aug 2005

Is it that simple?! How do I convert them to files my movie editing software recognise?

Cheers Joe

  PeterPaul 11:20 20 Aug 2005

You don't say what kind of DVD clips you want to use.

If they are from non-copyright DVDs, e.g. ones already produced by you and burnt to DVD, then presumably you have the original media files, e.g. mpegs of wmvs.

If you didn't produce the DVD, then the content exists within vob files on the dvd. Only some editing software will recognises these. You can, however, copy them to your hard drive by drag and drop, then change the .vob extension to .mpg. Most editing software will then recognise the clips.

If you are trying to copy clips from a commercially made copyright-protected DVD, then you are in a much more complex situation vis-a-vis copying, both technically and ethically.

  ToniMac 16:22 20 Aug 2005


I wanted to play around with copyright-protected DVDs. I guess that opens a whole can of worms.


  jimv7 19:01 20 Aug 2005

DVD Shrink click here

  ToniMac 11:20 21 Aug 2005

Thanks for that. Although I don't think that software converts the files to mpg so still can't edit :(


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