Transfering documents and photos from Ext HD

  cruiser2 09:47 06 Jan 2013

I have a Buffalo HD-PCTU3 external hard drive. Have saved documents and photos onto it without any problem and I can view them correctly. I had a problem with my computer and after uninstalling and reinstalling the various programmes including W& 32 bit, I now find there is nothing in the Documents folder. Can I transfer the information back from the external HD to "My Documents" I have done three but it means highlighting each one before transfering it. I want do do them all together to save a lot of time.

  Ian in Northampton 09:55 06 Jan 2013

If you click on the first file/folder, and then hold down 'Ctrl' at the same time as you click on each of the other files/folders you want to copy/move, you can copy/move them all at once. You can then drag/drop them to where you want, or right click on one of the highlighted files/folders and choose 'copy' or 'move'. This enables you to highlight multiple files/folders and copy/move them all. Even quicker: if your files/folders are all in sequence, click on the first one (e.g. at the top), then hold down 'shift' while you click on the last one and it will highlight all the files/folders in between.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:14 06 Jan 2013

Or if you want to copy the lot,probably not wise as there will be folders to programs you no longer have on your PC if you have just reinstalled W7.

But if you want to copy all then open My documents click on Organise (top left) then select all then right click anywhere in the blue and click copy, you can then paste where you want.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:19 06 Jan 2013

My name has gone from the above.Odd.

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