Transfering data from old to new PC - How?

  aly-lfc 17:17 21 Jan 2006

I've just bought a new PC (still unopened in its box!) and I am deleting stuff from my old one.

My problem is I have lots of photo's stored on my old PC and I want to keep them. I don't have a re-writer on my old PC,how can I transfer all my pic's to my new PC?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 21 Jan 2006

1. Pen drive (flash drive)

2. connect old HDD as slave into new PC

3. buy external drive case and fit old HDD plug into usb port on new pc and copy

  VoG II 17:20 21 Jan 2006
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:21 21 Jan 2006

If both PCs have network cards then network together with crossover cable and swap files to new PC.

  aly-lfc 17:33 21 Jan 2006

I have no Idea if old PC has a network card, it was given to me 5 years ago, I don't know how old it is. I'm only a basic user, would it be easier to go to a PC shop and have them transfer to a CD? It is only photo's I need to keep.

  howard63 17:42 21 Jan 2006

it would take a long time but your old pc probably has a floppy drive. If your new one also has a floppy you could copy them 1 at a time. Do not go to a shop to do it the cost would be terrible. We could talk you through adding your old hard drive [temporarely] as a slave to your new machine.

  aly-lfc 17:49 21 Jan 2006

Thanks Howard63, if it's not too technical I'll give it a go.

I did think of using the floppy drive but looking at the amount of photo's it would take an age and drive me mad!!

  Diemmess 17:51 21 Jan 2006

The PC shop would do it at a price.....

Why not buy yourself a pen drive... (the cheapest route). It will be handy for a long time to come.

Even more useful would be the external HD with a USB cable. If you buy the complete drive it will cost more than a pen drive, but if you feel confident to lift the HD from your old computer and fit it in a USB case until you have transferred whatever you want.

It could cost less than the pen drive, and you can treat yourself to a new HD to use in it later.

  rsinbad 17:58 21 Jan 2006

I'd go for the flash drive, simple just plug in copy files from your old comp, plug in new comp and copy.By far the easiest way cheap as well.
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  martjc 18:06 21 Jan 2006

...seeing as you don't know how old the #old# machine is - does it have usb ports? If it does, the best option is to get a usb pen drive. If not, then set up the HDD from your old machine as a slave in the new machine and copy the data across.

Second thought - leave it in the new machine and run a dual disk system - the second drive could be used as a data only drive. It would make for a better machine - why waste resources? UYse what you've got to the max!!!

  aly-lfc 18:12 21 Jan 2006

Yes it has a usb port - what is a pen drive and will it work with windows 98se?

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