Transfer xp to vista with one monitor

  dolphinaber 10:27 01 Jun 2008

Hi, Can anyone please tell me if I can use a transfer cable to transfer my files from my old xp base unit to my new Vista Medion 8833 but with my one and only monitor.
I am using a Belkin KVM Switch with built in cabling so OK for `switching` from one to the other via the keyboard but there`s the `rub`. One monitor and no spares!
I have a FreeLogix cable all ready to go
Cheers Bill

  Taff™ 11:56 01 Jun 2008

If you just want data files I would simply manually move them over via the network. If you need to transfer all your settings and documents use Vistas "Windows Easy Transfer".

  dolphinaber 12:59 01 Jun 2008

Yes thanks Taff. Well I just want to transfer what ever I can,settings and documents etc,and yes I would be using Windows easy transfer which is explained in my `Windows for Dummies.`Im one of those!
Its just that Im in the position of not knowing what the right hand is doing with just the one monitor.
How would you go about it Taff if you had just the one monitor. Simple guy (old) so a simple answer if possible please.

  Quiller. 13:19 01 Jun 2008

The easiest way would be to take out the hard drive from the old computer ( 4 screws and two cables ) and connect it temporarily into the new computer.

The new computer would see the drive and you just either drag and drop the information or use the transfer wizard in vista to move the files.

  Woolwell 17:39 01 Jun 2008

Depends how many files and the types. Last time I did this I transferred my data files by DVD and memory stick.
Have you a back up anyway?

  Taff™ 06:44 02 Jun 2008

The answer has been pretty much covered. I would take Marg7`s advice and network the computers first then follow method 2 click here If you need help networking the two machines post back.

  dolphinaber 08:40 03 Jun 2008

Did a very long reply last night but must have been logged off because it did not go. Not the first time.
In a nut shell I mentioned that unless it was a very straightforward solution I would not be able to cope with it. Ive reached the stage in my life where the brain dosnt function as well but Im willing to have a go. All your suggestions seem very acceptable its when I come to things to do which I know nothing about.
Marg7 seems OK until mention of ethernet crossover cable transfer and a work group are mentioned.
I have been inside PCs in the old days so could use quillers suggestion. Dont mind mechanical things if it was that easy.
Not sure how I would do it by DVDs but of course would try anything if I was led!
Think Im still on line so will get this off.
Many thanks for all your help.

  dolphinaber 08:47 03 Jun 2008

Lucky I knew how to copy and paste!! Tried 3 times just now to send the previous. Soon as I clicked on Post Response I lost my connection with PC Advisor until the third try.

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