Transfer from XP on an old to Vista on a new PC

  Malapoa1 15:58 14 Oct 2007

I am planning to use Laplink PCMover to transfer files from my Old PC with XP and Office 2000 to my new PC with Vista Home Premium, using a USB cable. Can anyone advise on any of the following queries, please?
1) Is there a minimum distance that should be kept between the two PCs during the transfer?
2) I have a personal database in Office 2000 Access. As Vista Home Premium does not have an Access component, what do I need to do before attempting to
this transfer?
3) In such a transfer will deleted files, which we all know continue to exist in compacted form, be transferred to the new PC?

  Belatucadrus 16:59 14 Oct 2007

1) Not as long as the USB cable is a standard length.
Connecting multiples in a daisy chain may require boosting.
2) If you don't have Access on the new PC, you aren't going to be able to use the database. You'll need to install a copy of Office with Access on the new PC. Don't expect to be able to transfer the program from one PC to the other, you'll need the installation disks.
3) I don't use laplink, but doubt it will do other than transfer what it's told to, it's not as if it's going to copy "empty" disk-space as well.

  Malapoa1 22:04 14 Oct 2007


Thanks for your help.

  Quiet Life 22:43 14 Oct 2007

"using a USB cable" in case somebody thinks you can connect two PCs with a USB cable you cannot.
I presume you are referring to a Laplink USB cable which has special circuitry an ordinary USB cable will ruin one or both computers.

  lotvic 23:41 14 Oct 2007

You prob just saved a few heartaches and pc's

that's good input and I for one thank you :)

  Malapoa1 16:21 15 Oct 2007

Thanks for the warning. As it happens the link cable has been provided by Laplink. What I was cocerned about was having the two PC cases side-by side. I seem to remember being told taht two PCs should be kept well apart - but that was in the days when they were steam operated and may not still apply.

  Quiet Life 16:41 15 Oct 2007

Have used Laplink for years. Orignally with a parallel port cable (very very slow) than a special Laplink cable and now on a LAN.
No problems with two PCs together.
Laplink is a very good program and I use it regularly for bringing two sets of files in line.

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