Transfer WinXp onto new HD

  badgermansix 23:23 17 Aug 2014

How can I transfer my WinXP to a new drive? The existing drive is not big enough to upgrade to Vista Home. I only have the Vista upgrade, not the full Vista version. I do have an external 300gb if that is of any use.

Thank you

  BillSers 08:24 18 Aug 2014

If you have no xp discs the only way to do it is to clone the xp drive onto the external then upgrade.

  Terry Brown 09:09 18 Aug 2014

I use Paragon Disk Manager (Paid) and this will make a copy of your XP disk and using smart software enable it to be transferred to a new system, even with a different motherboard.

I believe the Free version will do the same.


Paragon Free

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:32 18 Aug 2014

you can install using the vista upgrade disk without xp on the drive, all you have to do is insert the xp serial key when asked for.

a)Boot the Windows Vista CD and start the Windows Vista setup.

b) When prompted to enter the product key for activation do not enter your activation key and click Next.

c) You will then get an Install Windows prompt asking if you want to enter your product key now. Click No.

d) Select the edition of Windows XP you've purchased, check the box "I have selected the edition of Windows that I purchased" and click Next.

e) Once the Setup has been completed and you're in Windows Vista start the Windows setup again either by ejecting and entering the CD again or by double clicking the CD drive in My computer.

f) During the Windows Vista setup when prompted for the activation key this time enter it.

g)When prompted to do an Upgrade or Custom install select Custom and perform a clean Windows Vista install.

  badgermansix 11:45 20 Aug 2014

Thank you all, I will take Fruit Bat /\O/\ First and come back later. Thanks Again

  iscanut 11:49 20 Aug 2014

g) above mentions a clean instal of Vista, but I thought he wanted to keep XP and that his drive is not big enough for Vista ! Am I confused ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:40 20 Aug 2014

He wants to upgrade to vista but drive is too small

therefore needs to do a clean install of Vista on a new drive using an Upgrade disk. (Upgrade disks normally expect to see the older version of windows already installed)

  badgermansix 16:49 13 Sep 2014

Hello again, Thanks for your help.

  1. He wants to upgrade to vista but drive is too small

  2. therefore needs to do a clean install of Vista on a new drive using an Upgrade disk.

Thats right.

A 160gb ide hd (f) has now been installed as the slave.

Can I install direct onto "F" drive (slave) first, and then make "F" drive the master (C).

Or, how should I do it? I will probably remove the old drive entirely when it is done.

Thanks again

  rdave13 17:35 13 Sep 2014

If you're not going to clone then remove the XP drive and just keep the new drive connected. Follow Fruit Bat /\0/\ 's instructions. What you're doing is installing Vista twice in effect. The first time via DVD and the second time via Windows.

  badgermansix 20:39 13 Sep 2014


ok, I'll give this a go and come back.

thank you very much.

  badgermansix 08:13 14 Sep 2014

Well, I attempted this, isolated the Windows xp drive (32Gb), and followed the steps advised by Fruit Bat/\0/.

When I got to the 4th step "Select the Edition of Windows XP that you purchased etc", the only Editions of Windows that was on the screen was all Vista editions, no XP at all, and I could not get any further.

So I seem to be stumped on that one.

If I Back up the windows xp to an external hd, could I reinstall onto the new hde and then upgrade from there?


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