Transfer Windows Media Player's Data

  Grumpy Grandad 23:18 21 Jan 2007

I have a huge number of songs on my computer, which have all been given star (popularity) ratings on Windows Media Player. I also compiled Media 5 star playlsts of everything including Pop, Jazz, Rock, Country etc. I now want to transfer the songs to a new computer, but I would also like to transfer all the Windows Media Player information as well. Can you tell me how to do it please?

  sean-278262 00:35 22 Jan 2007

Install the hard drive in the new computer and transfer the files across. As far as I am aware WMP saves the star ratings in the ID3 tags of the songs.

You can just pull all the saved files of media player to the new drive or just use the old drive as a spare back up drive leaving everything intact.

  Batch 08:54 22 Jan 2007

Windows Media Player's database is typically stored at C:\Documents and Settings\Steve\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player as something like CurrentDatabase_219.wmdb (I'm currently using WMP10).

Other than information that is stored in the music files themselves (which may vary dependent upon the type of file you have - e.g mp3 or wma), WMP stores playlists etc. in the database.

Have to say I'm not sure if the star ratings are stored with the music files or in the database. I would suspect the latter as I assume this is a WMP function rather than generic.

You can either recreate the database from scratch on the new computer by pressing F3 in WMP (or Tools, Search for Media Files) or by copying across the one from the old computer in place of the one on the new computer. If you recreate (I believe) you will lose personal playlists etc. as well.

At anytime you can recreate the database again just by deleting the old database (with WMP closed) and launching WMP and hitting F3.

  Batch 08:55 22 Jan 2007


That path should have read C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player

  Grumpy Grandad 14:06 23 Jan 2007

Thanks Creature & Batch. I am networking my old PC so won't be removing the hard disk. I'm using Version 11 of Media Player and have found 16 wmdb files of various sizes, dates and descriptions. The Net describes the files as catalogues created when you ask Player to search the system for media.1 folder is wmpfolders.wmdb, 4 are CurrentDatabase_xxx.wmdb, 6 are G-_x.wmdb and 5 are LocalMLS_x.wmdb (where x is an extension number). There is also a huge wmdbexport.xml file. Some of the folders go back to 2004,and I wonder if any can be deleted. I guess I'll have to experiment to check out what happens.

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