Transfer Video from DVD to PC

  AlanHo 17:53 08 Jun 2009

I recently married and a friend took a video of the occasion on his video camera which saves the file to a mini DVD.

I am looking for some software that will enable me to transfer the video to my PC so I can use MS Movie maker to edit it - merge some other video already on my PC - and then creat a new composite DVD.

I have tried some so called free software - but without success. Can anyone recommend some commercial software that will definitely work on an Intel Q6600 computer with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive using Vista Ultimate.

  eedcam 18:47 08 Jun 2009

No need to buy only amatter of ripping the dvd to your hard drive then you have it .Assuming it has been finalised by your friend. Can you explore it and is it in a Video _ts folder. If so thats all you need to do except then convert to whatever movie maker uses if its windows movie maker then it wont accept Mpeg which is what they are on a dvd. If its not a vide_ts then another approach needed Come back with the Info and can go from there

  AlanHo 19:25 08 Jun 2009

The files on the DVD are :-

If I double click the vob files - Windows Media Player opens and plays the video.

  eedcam 19:37 08 Jun 2009

Good if you rip the dvd to your hard drive as a fode then you can just use the relevant files which will be vts_01_1.vob and so on. What are your existing video files

  hastelloy 19:41 08 Jun 2009

Copy and paste (drag and drop) the files to your hard drive - I'd create a new folder to put them in first. You'll then need to convert the .VOB files to a format supported by WMM. click here will do that - its a free download.

  AlanHo 23:38 08 Jun 2009

Problem solved.

marvin42 - thanks for the info - but the software you suggested would not run on my computer - got a windows error message I could not understand or find on google.

I did however copy the VOB files to my hard drive and managed to import them into Windows Movie maker - which would only transfer to the time line about 20 seconds of the file. It seems that the video was not continuous - my friend had started and stopped it and Movie maker would only handle the first "scene"

I then tried Nero 9 "Make Movie" and found that it would import the whole of each video - in seperate scenes - which I was able to transfer to the time line and export to one avi file on my hard drive.

Windows Movie maker then accepted the avi file and I am now able to edit it and add other video clips.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

  Kevscar1 00:50 09 Jun 2009

If you have Vista some have Windows DVD maker.
Import all the scenes seperatley then it allows you to Make the DVD with a menu screen so you can play the whole thing or select which scene you want to watch.

  AlanHo 09:51 09 Jun 2009

Although I have already solved the problem I tried to follow your suggestion out of curiosity.

I do have Windows DVD Maker - it will import the VOB file from the DVD drive - but as just one file and not as seperate scenes or chapters. It will then enable me to burn a new DVD - but not save the file in avi format to the hard drive.

In effect - it does the same as just copying the DVD with nero.

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