Transfer VHS tapes for further editing

  Trikie 23:14 25 Apr 2010

I've got some VHS and S-VHS tapes of old camcorder footage that was "edited" on a linear editor.

I'd like to copy them over and re-edit them. Are the £30-ish ones advertised in Radio Times any good - if so is there an equivalent available on the Internet?

I edit my mini-DV tapes in AVI format, do the transfer things support this?

  eedcam 05:00 26 Apr 2010

If youy intend to edit and then burn to dvd You would be better if possible to use a dvd recorder easier and more reliable. You could then import to the pc easier and remain in Mpeg format to edit

  Trikie 21:34 26 Apr 2010


Just copied a VHS tape to DVD+R. However the PC does not recognise it - do I need something extra to read a DVD?

  eedcam 22:13 26 Apr 2010

Did you finalise the disc if so then did you make a dvd Vr instead of a dvd video

  woodchip 22:24 26 Apr 2010

Why not do them your self by putting them on the PC first.Using this connected to your VHS and PC click here#

  Trikie 22:15 28 Apr 2010

Yes, I did finalise it but whats a dvdVr? I use a Daewoo VHS/DVD recorder combo and haven't seen any reference to this choice.

My original query had in mind the sort of device that woodchip has given but that one saves as mpeg1, 2 or 4.

Are there any that save as AVI?

  eedcam 05:40 29 Apr 2010

Trikie most reorders have a choice somewheree of dvd video whichis your standard dvd and Vr which is a diffeernt thing altogether .As for devices then Mpeg is the way to go with avi you are looking at possible audio syn probs not to mention possible quality issues with converting and reconverting .Most editors will work with mpeg and only re encode material the sections that are edited

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