Transfer VHS to DVD

  Hetti 08:59 24 Jul 2011

We have a few VHS tapes we have bought over the years and wanted to try to transfer them to DVD if its not to complicated or expensive. We have a combined VHS/DVD player, we also have a separate DVD recorder.

I will see what is entailed when I get reply's then device if we are capable of carrying it out.

  eedcam 09:20 24 Jul 2011

Hi its pretty straight forward you could use either recorder .The seperate one you will need to connect leads to but will probably give more control and/or quality.If you use your combi then remember its general to only transfer 2hours of tape to 1 dvd disc set to standard play. You can put more on but at a cost of quality . You need to ensure your recorder is set to do dvd Video (check user manual) and that the disc is finalised . Its the same with the seperate recoder you can probably just go scart to scart between them . Once on dvd then you are home and dry only minutes to get them on the PC and edit if required.Dont throw your tapes away as they will probably last longer than the DVD's

  eedcam 09:23 24 Jul 2011

Oh and use a reliable Brand of dvd something like Verbatim and -R the most commonly used

  Hetti 09:58 24 Jul 2011

Thanks eedcam

Seems straightforward even to me lol,is a DVD-R suitable?

  David4637 16:03 24 Jul 2011

DVD -R is NOT reuseable. Use a DVD -RW (Reuseable) to start with, then if the DVD works OK, then copy that one to a DVD-R direct, then use DVD-R (s) for ever more. David

  Hetti 18:46 24 Jul 2011

Thanks guys will try tomorrow

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