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Transfer of settings to new PC.

  Linkslade 19:03 30 Jan 2016


I am running Windows7 on an ancient desktop PC and have purchased a new desktop PC running Windows10.

I had previously backed up my settings on W7 using EaseUS Todo to an external drive. To save myself a lot of work could I transfer this back up on the external drive over to the PC running W10.

Any advice appreciated.

  The Kestrel 19:33 31 Jan 2016

Have a look at this Microsoft article click here

  Linkslade 22:01 31 Jan 2016

Thanks for your reply Kestrel but there is no mention of Windows 10 in the link.I suspect there maybe a different Situation in respect of 10.

  Bailifei 08:28 01 Feb 2016

Yes. You can transfer the backup image to the new PC. You just need to reinstall Easeus todo backup on Win 10 so that you can restore the files.

  Linkslade 17:45 01 Feb 2016

Thanks Bailifei I'll give it a try.

  robin_x 17:51 01 Feb 2016

Restore files and folders from a File/Folder backup, not a full Image Restore from an Image/Partition backup

  robin_x 17:53 01 Feb 2016

Image Backups can be Mounted (Explored) with the Easeus program, or by simply double-clicking the .pbd Image file on the external drive

  Linkslade 19:08 01 Feb 2016

Thanks for that Robin.

I will be restoring the file/folder backup and not a full image restore. I just wasn't sure whether or not it could be done.

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