Transfer of saved e-mails

  kestrel3 10:42 22 Mar 2004

Does anyone know a quick, easy & painless way of transfering saved e-mails from my old PC to my new laptop?
The e-mails are saved within Outlook Express on my PC.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

  Taff36 11:04 22 Mar 2004

They will be stored in folders with file extensions .dbx

Do a search on your C drive *.dbx and you will see them there with names like Inbox.dbx, outbox.dbx. You could burn them to CD Rom and then copy them onto your laptop to replace your existing folders OR why not rename the files to say Old Inbox.dbx before you copy them over.

  kestrel3 12:16 22 Mar 2004

When I ran a search & found the files with a *dbx extension, my PC wouldn't let me open the files?
I'm worried that if I burn these files onto CD, I'll have the same problem when trnsfered onto my laptop?

  leo49 12:26 22 Mar 2004

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