Transfer program onto CD-R

  curlylad 12:06 14 Oct 2004

A friend has got some trojans on his PC , he has told me the name of them , and a program I have a² I know will rid him of these trojans.He also has just moved house (yesterday) and his broadband will not be available for another day or two so can't download this program himself.I know this may be obvious to a lot of you but I don't do a lot of copying etc , but what I need to know is , what is the quickest way of copying this program from my system onto CD-R so my friend can use it . I have a rewriter drive and appropriate software , can I just right click the shortcut icon on desktop , send to rewriter drive , copy files onto disc.Will this copy the program or just the desktop icon ? If this isn't the way then can someone quickly tell me please.
Thanks in advance.

  jack 12:12 14 Oct 2004

If you have the program on disk then do a disk to disk.
If the program is in a complete[compressed from download]item
Then copy that

You cannot[I believe] copy an installed program from your machine- the various elements are in places that do not copy.

  woodchip 12:17 14 Oct 2004

You cannot, without some software use a Program that as been installed on another disk. If it's a .exe program or a zip file yes but otherwise forget it.

  stlucia 12:53 14 Oct 2004

Simply right-clicking the icon and then sending it to your CD burner might not actually send a file that can be executed without some other software being also installed (even if it's an .exe file), or it might be a file that needs to be installed by installation software (rather than just by copying it) for it to work properly on another PC.

If you got it originally as a .zip file, you can certainly burn that to a CD and then unzip it and run it at your friend's PC.

  Noelg23 12:59 14 Oct 2004

go to click here and download the free version of Easy CD Creator...I have it and it works a charm...unless you have Nero of course you can use that too...

  bretsky 13:47 14 Oct 2004

Could be barking up the wrong tree, but aren't you supposed to have a setup.exe file in the program folder, because once you have installed the program, setup file gets discarded, hence you wont be able to see it in the Program folder.

Depending on your internet connection, can't you re-download it and save it to a cd-r/floppy(don't know the size of the program) depending on the size, then hand it over to your friend to run.


  SEASHANTY 15:28 14 Oct 2004

Just go to the website and download the file to your CDRW on a CDR disc
click here

  SEASHANTY 15:37 14 Oct 2004

Guess that it will not work. It states just above
the download mirror links that "an internet connection is required to install A2 correctly". So best forget it until your friend can download it onto his own PC.

  Noelg23 15:39 14 Oct 2004

bretsky is right...dont copy the program copy the setup files...I mistakenly did this for someone and when they opened up the program there was no setup file but the program I had installed! how funny was that?

  bretsky 15:59 14 Oct 2004

As A matter of interest, I use this
click here
to build setup/install files, its simple to use and yes it does work.

I suppose SEASHANTY it needs the internet connection to update from its database?

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 16:01 14 Oct 2004

Sorry, the link above, the program is called "Little install builder 1.04"

bretsky ;0)

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