Transfer Photos from Laptop to Desktop

  rawprawn 16:21 20 Sep 2004

What is the easiest way to transfer about 200 photos from a laptop (CD read not write )to a desktop.

  xania 16:32 20 Sep 2004

Either a program like Laplink, or using the networking facilities together with a crossover cable between the two, or using an external zip drive.

  rawprawn 16:53 20 Sep 2004

Thanks for the replies, I have installed a USB Network cable but I can't seem to make a connection. Do I need to put the software on both computers? I have USB Network Bridge showing in C:Program file on the desktop , but I can't seem to do anything with it.

  rawprawn 17:03 20 Sep 2004

I have to go out now, I will get back tomorrow.

  Stuartli 17:25 20 Sep 2004

If you have a card reader/writer and a memory card (the one from your digital camera will do if necessary) you can transfer them this way.

XP and, IIRC, ME and 2000 don't require drivers for the card reader/writer - you should find the card reader's Drive(s) letters from My Computer>Explore and be able to drag and drop the files onto the card.

Reformat the card afterwards in the camera for picture taking purposes.

  rawprawn 17:39 20 Sep 2004

I haven't gone yet, but am running late, where would I get a card reader/writer and about how much are they. I have a camera with a memory card.The laptop is my frinends and has ME, I have XP SP2

  rawprawn 08:12 21 Sep 2004

I have decided to follow Whaty's advice and I have ordered a Pen Drive this morning.

  Stuartli 09:19 21 Sep 2004

The principle is basically the same with either a pen drive or a card reader - however the card reader is a little more versatile in that you can also use it to transfer your camera card's shots to your system, saving the camera's batteries being used unnecessarily.

  Stuartli 09:21 21 Sep 2004

A 5 in 1, 6 in 1, 7 in one etc card reader would also allow you to use a variety of memory cards, such as those of a friend whose pix files you may want or vice versa.

  rawprawn 10:52 21 Sep 2004

Thank you for the information, I will take a look. It may be worth while getting a card reader as well for myself.The pen drive is for my friend really although I have ordered one as well. He has a laptop that is playing up and wants to format and do a clean install. He has about 200 family photos on there that we are trying to get to his desktop before we can make a start.

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