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Transfer photos from camera to PC

  ponytail 15:51 21 Feb 2013

I am trying to transfer some photos from my wifes camera to her but having a few problems.Her camera is a Nikon Coolpix S8200.I have followed the manuals instruction.Turn camera off connect to PC using the supplied USB cable but nothing appears on the screen anyone have any ideas

  iscanut 16:18 21 Feb 2013

Maybe a silly question BUT have you turned the camera back on ?

  ponytail 16:44 21 Feb 2013

Hi iscanut2 the camea turns on automatically when it is connected to the PC with the USB lead

  Ian in Northampton 17:04 21 Feb 2013

Is there an option on the camera you need to choose to tell it to connect via USB? I know that's the case when I'm transferring pictures from my wife's phone.

If all else fails, go get a 99p USB card reader from your local 99p store and put the memory card from the camera in that. Not elegant, but cheap - and very, very straightforward.

  ponytail 17:44 21 Feb 2013

Hi ian in northampton I do have a card reader which works fine can the photos be tranfered rom the reader to the PC if so hat is the procedure.

  BT 17:52 21 Feb 2013

When you connect the camera it will normally appear as a drive/folder under the Computer/My computer icon.

can the photos be tranfered from the reader to the PC

The same applies it should show up as a drive/folder if it doesn't appear directly on the desktop.

Read more:

  woodchip 18:15 21 Feb 2013

As above in Last Post, but when you connect the Camera, check the Camera LCD screen as it may ask how you want to use the camera i.e; As a Web cam or for Data etc

  Ian in Northampton 18:55 21 Feb 2013

As BT has said: just plug the USB card reader into an available USB port (having first put the memory card into the reader). It should open a dialog box on your desk top, asking you what you wnat to do with the files. If it doesn't, or alternatively, it will show up as a disk drive in My Computer/Windows Explorer. You can then treat the files like any other files: I'd suggest you want to copy them off the memory card and into an appropriately named folder on your PC. Tip: make sure they've copied properly (i.e. view them) before deleting the original images off the memory card.

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