Transfer OS (win 2000) from C: to E:

  David-277685 16:12 18 Feb 2003

I want to transfer my OS(win 2000) from C: to E: and keep all of the files intact. I have formated E: using Partition Magic 7.0 told it it will have an operating system installed, marked it as an active partition and then tried to transfer the files using Ghost 2002 all seems well except when i remove the old hard drive and restart it says it can't find the OS. New hard drive is set to master on restart (slave during set up). Anyone see where I've went wrong its starting to anoy me? I realise there are other threads on this issue but I tried to use xcopy and it says some files are in use or there is a sharing violaion and aborts half way through. Can I restart in dos and then use xcopy? Will it make any difference?

  Diemmess 16:20 18 Feb 2003

Only familiar with Ghost but think the principle is the same.

If E: is on the same HDD as C: then I don't think you can beat the system which will retain C: as the primary master whatever you try to call it.

If E: is a seperate HD unit then you are nearly there but may not have physically connected it to the Primary IDE socket on your motherboard and checked in the BIOS that that is where your computer sees it.

I believe you can only do this choice of drives with XP

  David-277685 16:24 18 Feb 2003

its a seperate drive and i definately had it on the primary ide socket. Don't know if I'm using Ghost properly. I'll try again.

  David-277685 16:57 18 Feb 2003


  zanwalk 17:10 18 Feb 2003

You should be able to copy the partition with PM7, and if you do it from the PM floppies, you won't have a problem with any files in use.

  leo49 17:12 18 Feb 2003

Why not try Partition Magic's Copy Partition facility?


  David-277685 18:33 18 Feb 2003

Tried it all again partition magic seems to work but as soon as i remove the original drive it says error 1 loading OS this may be due to a virus. I've checked I don't have any viruses.

  zanwalk 20:31 18 Feb 2003

Have you got the W2K CD? If so, as long as you can boot from CD, you could then use the Recovery Console to try and fix the problem.

  jimv7 21:25 18 Feb 2003

Disconnect you cdrom drive, place the drive you wish to copy to, as master on cdrom cable.
run ghost from bootup and copy drive to drive.

Place new drive as master on hdd cable, reconnect your cdrom, set old drive to slave then boot up after removing ghost from fdd.

  David-277685 21:40 18 Feb 2003

turns out cause i had upgrade cd for 2k i could only copy the upgrade across and needed the original installation to boot from. i got too impatient (no offence to anyone its just my nature) and clean installed 2k using my 98 cd. thanks for the help though.

  David-277685 21:41 18 Feb 2003

ps it was a dual boot with 98. 98 being the original instal. sorry probably should have mentioned that.

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