transfer from one pc to another

  togsdad 19:35 24 Dec 2005

i have just purchased a laptop and would like to transfer all documents/programmes etc to it from my existing pc.
can anyone tell me what i need to do this please.
i am not very technically mined so in layman terms please.

  Belatucadrus 20:06 24 Dec 2005

Documents can be done in a variety of ways, depending on what hardware is available You could network the computers together using a crossover cable if the PCs have Network Interface Cards ( Looks like a chunky phone socket ). Or using a USB data transfer cable (again dependant on suitable sockets. Or you could go the slightly slower route and use whatever portable media you have, floppy disks, CDr or USB flash memory.
Transfering programs however is near impossible, unless you have the installation program, either on CD or saved to the main drive. When an installation routine runs, most programs make changes to the registry and will not run correctly without them. Simply transfering a folder from the "Program Files" folder ia almost certainly not going to work.
If you don't have the original installation disks, you may be able to download a suitable alternative from one of the freeware sites .

click here

click here

  joethebow 20:15 24 Dec 2005

The easiest way is to coppy the files to a CD ROM and move them that way.

A more sophisticated way, assuming you have USB, is to purchase 2 Bluetooth Dongles from Ebay, they should cost around £10 for the pair including postage.

Just plug one in to a usb socket on either PC, upload the software and transfer files in any direction.

You can even use this to transfer files to and from your mobile phone.

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