Transfer old VHS to laptop then to DVD

  hawthorn59 07:09 22 Jul 2014


I need to transfer old VHS tapes to DVD. I would like to do it via laptop, and do some very basic editing (cutting out sections, making titles etc). Then burn to DVD. I realize this is 2 or maybe 3 processes.

I know I need to capture the VHS to digital.....Ive seen gear like easy cap etc. I need something easy, and not too expensive. Can you recommend something good? Some of them come with software, but you can get it free online too I believe.

Perhaps you would be kind enough to give a short step-by-step guide, or refer me to somewhere else. Mainly I need to know the best equipment to get, dont need advanced editing.

Also, I guess I need at least 1 if not 2 backups of transferring the completes movies to an external hard drive a good long term backup? Should I transfer them to 2 drives for security?

Using Win 7.

Many thanks


  john bunyan 08:45 22 Jul 2014

This PCA article is worth a read:


The dual VHS/ DVD machines are still the easiest option, and they can be bought on e Bay quite cheaply. When it cones to editing I will wait for others to comment.

Maplin have a £30 gadget worth a look:


  BillSers 09:45 22 Jul 2014

I have a Toshiba VHS/DVD combo. It is useless for converting from tape to dvd because the background hissing is too noisy on the finished product.

  hawthorn59 10:42 22 Jul 2014

Thanks everyone. Read a good few reviews there on amazon....this one definitely gets the best reviews out of 97 reviews (on Amazon UK)

Video-2-PC DIY Video Capture Kit.

click here come across it?



  hawthorn59 15:35 22 Jul 2014

Yeah its just that I will want to do some basic editing. Also some of the home movies are on different DVDs and I will have to select different scenes to make one DVD so I need to get it on to laptop.


  hawthorn59 15:46 22 Jul 2014

This one suggested by John above looks very interesting. Theres a latest version 7 now its £60

click here


  chub_tor 15:53 22 Jul 2014

I used one of these plus a scart adapter to transfer all my videos and then used Serif MoviePlus for the editing. It worked fine for me but it is a long slow painful process as the tapes have to be run in real time so that they can be digitised. Then you have to watch large chunks of them again in real time when you do the editing. Great when they are done but not something I would ever like to do again.

  chub_tor 09:07 23 Jul 2014

Woolwell with those combi VHS/DVD machines, can you copy at a high speed - like some of the old audio tape to tape dubbing machines used to do - or do you have to do it in real time?

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