Transfer from old pc to new pc

  cgh 16:43 27 Aug 2008

Can anyone help please?
I have a five year old Evesham Axis 2200 256 Mb and with Windows XP and I am considering an upgrade to Vista.

I am considering a refurbished pc from Pc World
descibed as Advent T9608 1Gb with Windows Vista home premium all for approx £160.00 seems like a bargain.Any experiences is this a good deal?

Also with file transfer what is the better option
1 Purchase of a 8Gb flash pen drive? Does this enable me to use all the files on transfer to the new pc or are files etc read only?
2 Purchase via the net click here which transfers files from one to the other both are about the same cost ie £21.00

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:47 27 Aug 2008

A 2Gb pen drive should be enough and they are deadly cheap. Just copy the files onto the drive and then plug the drive into the new computer and copy them onto that. The computer could do with an extra Gb of RAM but it should be OK for Office tasks and surfing.


  Technotiger 16:59 27 Aug 2008

8Gb less than £21 .... click here

  Bagsey 17:54 27 Aug 2008

I have just gone through a similar exercise and found my way out of this problem by buying a 3.5 external hard disk usb2 drive case from Hong Kong via ebay.I took out the drive from my old computer, fitted it into the case and now I have all of my data safe. It can be transfered as and when needed. The cost of the case was £0.99. but of course the postage was £7.00 :-)). Still cheap and good quality.Delivery time was 4days.
The main advatage as far as I was concerned was I didnt need to worry about personal data falling int wrong hands and if I forgot to transfer something it was all still on the usb hard disk.

  pj123 18:00 27 Aug 2008

At the risk of being deleted, forget PC World.

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