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  pejay9 13:00 15 Oct 2011

At present running XP OEM (32bit) and I need to replace just the PC. Is it possible to transfer everything over to a new PC. I have not yet purchased the new PC, but I am thinking of a large hard drive, partition it, running xp in one and windows 7 (64bit) in the other in other. Some initial queries are, Can it be done. My xp is an OEM version, and 32bit, My xp is restricted to 2GB ram where as the new PC will have more. I anticipate installing windows 7 myself, do I Install before or after the transfer. If it is possible The next question will be how. I do have an external hd and Acronis True Image 11 Home which I understand will not run in windows 64 bit, and although it will load an image to a new hard drive problems arise going to a different PC. Finally if none of this is possible, whats the best way.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:39 15 Oct 2011

My xp is an OEM version therefore not transferable

Why do you think you need XP on the new machine?

Acronis True Image Home 11 (2007) This version provides users with more options, such as File Shredder that destroys individual files so they can't be resurrected and Try&Decide feature, allowing user to create a temporary, safe place on a hard drive where any changes of the system can be performed. Does not work with W7

Acronis True Image Home 2011 (2010) This version of True image includes the following new features: Redesigned GUI, full Windows 7 Integration; USB 3.0 support; Predefined Backup Schemes and Check Points for Acronis Backup Explorer.

  onthelimit1 15:20 15 Oct 2011

I'd forget XP, and just transfer all your files and settings using Easy Transfer details here

  gengiscant 15:37 15 Oct 2011

If you are installing Windows 7 then I can see little point in transferring settings over from XP. Once you have installed Windows 7 then add your XP drive as a slave in the new PC and copy all your files etc over, then wipe the XP drive and use it as a backup.

  pejay9 15:37 15 Oct 2011

Why do I need xp on the new machine? well too many things are are giving me problems and the recommendations are get a new PC, also I need to have regular access,and I have no experience of moving files, programs, and applications over. I do use most of the Acronis applications. So another option is to keep the xp machine going while setting up the new, just changing monitor etc back and forth until I can complete the move?

  pejay9 15:49 15 Oct 2011

The hard drive is one of the suspect problems. Could I not use the external hard drive? Perhaps using "Easy Transfer," although I have not looked at this yet.

  Zeppelyn 16:01 15 Oct 2011

Acronis True Image 11 works perfectly on Win 7 64 bit, no need to upgrade.

  pejay9 16:33 15 Oct 2011

Had time to look at "Easy Transfer" there various options, the one for xp to windows 7 does not quote 32 or 64bit so I assume it does both. Will do a bit more research and come back with any more queries. With ref to "Acronis True Image 11 Home" running on windows 7 64bit, great, my contact must have been wrong, but I shall find out when I go to load the original cd

  pejay9 17:39 15 Oct 2011

I now have a better idea how to go about the transfer. Looking at web sites about windows 7, it's not clear to me if it comes with an internet browser included, if not how do I get on line for the first time to load one down; Google Chrome or an alternative

  Zeppelyn 19:02 15 Oct 2011

It comes with IE8.

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