Transfer MS Office from old HDD to new laptop

  cikko 09:55 28 Nov 2014

Hi Everyone,

Noob here!


My old laptop broke for the 3rd time and so I bought a new one.

I've got access to the old HDD via a USB enclosure - so its now an external HDD.

I cannot find th eoriginal install discs with key, but my key must be prersent on the old HDD along with the software.

How do I copy the software across to my new laptop with the key intact (or extract the key first) and then transfer?

Or is this an impossibility?

If anyone has MS office 2007 discs and there's a way to extract my key - perhaps that is the way to go? I loved having all the office stuff and outlook etc but without buying new software (which I feel reluctant to do as I already own what I need), I can't see a way of doing this

Can anyone please help.


  onthelimit1 10:54 28 Nov 2014

You should be able to retrieve the key with magical jelly bean. However, it is not possible to transfer the software - you have to use a disk. The other problem, I believe, is that if Office has not been uninstalled while online, MS will not allow it to be activated on the new machine.

The alternative is to download the free Libre Office which is compatible with MS Office.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:40 28 Nov 2014

Office download

Use Prodkey to find the key from your drive whilst plugged into another PC.

  Ian in Northampton 12:03 28 Nov 2014

As onthelimit1 says: you cannot simply copy Office from your old HDD to the new one. It has to be installed (via the disk or a downloaded file - as Fruit Bat /\0/\ suggests) because the install process places entries in the registry without which Office won't run. You could, in theory, copy all the old Office files across - but your new system wouldn't be able to see/use them because there would not be the necessary entries in the registry.

Re otl1's comment about registering: I'm not sure if, way back in the days of Office 2007, you had to register online as you do now with Office 2010. It could be that simply entering the product key will be enough.

  cikko 12:16 28 Nov 2014

Really good help there guys. Thank you especially to FruitBat!!


I'll be giving this a whirl later on and will update post with outcome :)


  alanrwood 16:44 28 Nov 2014

You can re-register Office in the normal way. It does not need to be uninstalled. In fact that makes no difference. It is licensed for 1 desktop and one Laptop. Just register by phone if necessary, it's a freephone and automatic. Have a pencil and paper ready to take down the inordinately long key. Accept that it is installed on only one desktop and one Laptop during the registration

  cikko 14:16 26 Jan 2015

Wow - it's been ages since I started this....

I tried using Produ Key software to no avail. I tried various ways as the HDD is via USB lead and enclosure.... but it just won't find the MS office key.

Is there any other help you guys coul dgive - or am I destined to buy some more software?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:54 26 Jan 2015

Are you telling produkey to look in the externakl drive windows folder>


File - select source (f9) - selct the usb drive (e:\windows){where s is the letter of the external drive}

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