Transfer LPs & Tapes to CD

  SURVEY 21:47 12 Dec 2004

I am using Windows XP and have Roxio Easy Creator 7 on my main desktop computer. I wish to transfer my LP's and cassette tapes to CD. I have purchased a set of phono leads with a line-in end for a computer or accessory capture device. As I cannot get the desktop to the stereo system or vice-versa I have connected the leads to my laptop (that runs Windows 98SE)and just using the Windows Recorder function find that although I can hear the music from my stereo being played on the laptop through the line-in I cannot record it, however I seem to adjust the Recorder function. Can anyone enlighten me as to why this may be? The laptop does have a soundcard or chip as it will play CD's (CDROM drive only). My idea was to save the music file on the laptiop and then transfer it all to my desktop to burn to CD.

Failing this I have considered buying a capture device - presumably an MP3 player that will record from the stereo and will allow me to then upload to my desktop computer. What make of recorder/player would anyone advise? I would like to maintain the sound quality of the source music. I have considered an MP3 player that would allow me to put most of music on it and then allow playback through my TV speakers or indeed my own stereo system at some stage but my primatry aim at present is to record and then burn to CD.

  SURVEY 22:47 12 Dec 2004

Anniel, thanks for this. But how did you download the cassette tapes? Dircet to your walkman? Is there a deterioration in quality? I will be bale to transfer to CD OK but my problem is being able to capture the original cassette or vinyl sound in the simplest way.

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