transfer iphone content to new computer

  rsturbo 23:14 28 Jul 2010

my old computer has crashed and i cannot access old hdd, i need to install itunes on new computer and transfer iphone content inc. apps music and video content. any help would be much appreciated

  gengiscant 06:42 29 Jul 2010

you say that you cannot access your old HDD,have you tried to slave it to another PC?

This may help, click here't-Have-the-Old-One

or this,click here

I am not sure if these will transfer your apps, it might be necessary to take a note of them and download them again. You will not have to pay for them again.

If you can access your old HDD then just copy and paste everything in the old itunes folder to the new itunes folder.

  gengiscant 06:46 29 Jul 2010

Sorry first link click here

  john bunyan 17:17 29 Jul 2010

I think the iPhone and Touch are similar,ie they act as mini PC's. I suggest you download i Tunes in the new PC and create an account - same as previous - on the new PC. You are "allowed" up to 5 PC's with one account. Then when you connect the iPhone it should "Reverse synch". BTW in i Tunes I set it not to auto synch. In iTunes, Edit, Preferences, Devices. Tick the box "Prevent auto synch of iPods, phones and iPad". Then you can decide what to download, especially if you have more than one iPod/phone.
Like many others, you seem to have no back up! Do get a USB HD and copy iTunes folder (not the programme) to it on a regular basis. I use Freefilesynch (free) on a regular basis to an external HD to back up all "My Documents" using a mirror image so whenever you add or delete a file you always have a back up.

  gengiscant 18:10 29 Jul 2010

I have never heard of reverse sync,so have had a look. Yes you can do it, it is not as straight forward as john bunyan suggests, so have a look here.
click here
and here
click here
This will only copy your music,my suggestion of trying to access the old harddrive and copying the folder will ensure that everything is moved.

  john bunyan 18:24 29 Jul 2010

On my grand daughter's iPod touch, if she buys a tune or an App on another PC using her account elsewhere, both the music and the Apps download from the Touch to her library on my PC when she synchs it.
This does not work with the iPod Classic - only with the Touch and the iPhome which have different software (like mini PC's)

  gengiscant 07:41 30 Jul 2010

I agree that puchases can be copied. If you reinstall itunes you can copy your purchases across to the new install. click here If you scroll down to the bottom you will see that 'any items imported from Cd's or acquired from other sources will not copy from your device to the itunes library'.
Which has caused me,in the past,a lot of bother.
I now of course back up my itunes folder and in the case of a reinstall or an install on another PC,it is just the case of copying the whole itunes folder across.

  john bunyan 13:00 30 Jul 2010

Allwe need now is a reply from rsturbo !

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