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  Hetti 18:17 10 Dec 2004

Which is the easiest way to move a programme (family tree)from my old PC to new one?

  Hetti 18:19 10 Dec 2004

Forgot to say I run Win XP home

  mattyc_92 18:24 10 Dec 2004

What do you mean, copy a hard disk to a new hard disk?

  ACOLYTE 18:24 10 Dec 2004

Copy and save either floppy/or if to big cd/rw disk,or if you use xp use the backup facility witch isnt installed by default you need to put xp cd in and select perform additioal tasks on the menu then browse the cd then go to the vallueadd folder click that then the msft then nt backup then install the ntbackup by running the set up exe in there,then you can save what you like and transfer it to another xp pc,the same has to be installed on that pc as well.

  Hetti 18:32 10 Dec 2004

Thanks all
I need to say I'm moving prog from a PC that runs Win ME to a PC running XP.

I need to have the programme on the new PC, which will also free upsome space on old PC right?

  Hetti 18:34 10 Dec 2004

Should be a comma after THANKS ALL
It doe's not read good otherwise (seems cheeky)

  mattyc_92 18:35 10 Dec 2004

You CAN'T copy a program from one computer to another... You have to use the installation wizard for it or find all the files on the system, for example all the registry keys and common files and files in the windows folder

  Hetti 18:43 10 Dec 2004

Thanks Matty
It seems a bit tricky for me, as a non techi, is it differcult to do?
Maybe get a PC tech in to do it? I would not mind trying, but I would be afraid I may loose all my work

  Hetti 18:44 10 Dec 2004

Matty is there a web site available to walk me through if I decide to try?

  Kegger 18:47 10 Dec 2004

Hi Hetti,
as long as you have the set up disks and the program (family tree)is compatible with xp. You install it afresh on to the new XP machine, and then you will only need to copy the database across from the old PC, ensure that it has been imported correctly to the new PC and working correctly, and then you can uninstall it from ME PC... Job done

  ACOLYTE 18:51 10 Dec 2004

If you have the exe file then all you need do it copy this and back up the info for the family tree then after install on other pc re-enter it you shold be able to back that up in notepad as a text or through the program if it has that functon.It will only free up space on old pc if you uninstall the program,depending how big the app is.

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