transfer of images into MS PowerPoint

  imarcus2 15:43 29 Oct 2003

Have been creating extensive slide shows in MS PowerPoint recently, and this has been made boring by the necessity of resizing the image after transfer from file to PwrPt by dragging over the desktop.

Anybody know how to setup MSPowerPoint to 'fit to page' when importing image files? The images are in jaypeg format.

tx, imarcus.

  recap 17:41 29 Oct 2003

Import image, right click image, select Format/Size/Best Scale for Slide show.

  imarcus2 19:50 29 Oct 2003

Tried that, but it stll produces an image about two to three times the page size.

Fiddling this afternoon has shown a partial solution. When the image is dragged to the page, and released a double left click brings up a dialogue box, which under 'size', allows a dimension entry of, say, 15cms height. That instantly reduces image to sub page dimensions, and then that is stretched to fit page.

Cumbersome, but quicker than struggling to reduce the acerage I had before by a diagonal toggle to the page dimension!

Still think it ought to be quicker than that.

tx for that hint recap -- will struggle on!

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