Transfer folders contents from Hotmail to Outlook

  iscanut 16:28 15 Feb 2017

I am going to close down my old Hotmail account as getting far too much spam and have opened a new Outlook account. Is there a way to transfer some of my folders from old to new without going through each one and mailing the saved enmails to my new Outlook account ?

  difarn 17:18 15 Feb 2017

This article explains the various steps to migrate contacts and mail from Windows Live to Outlook. Under the heading of migrate mail you will see that item 5 says "select which folders you would like to export to Outlook" - whether it keeps all of the e-mails in the folders I don't know.

click here

  iscanut 22:03 15 Feb 2017

Thanks difarn, I will try that and let you know how it goes in due course.

  iscanut 11:59 16 Feb 2017

Have had a look at these notes but I do not use or have Outlook installed on my pc. I just use Hotmail and now as my email clients so I do not see how to do this. I will just have a look at my folders and either print off or email what I want to keep. Thanks for trying to help.

  difarn 16:11 16 Feb 2017

I'm sorry I do not understand. In your initial post you said that you had opened a new Outlook account.

  iscanut 16:47 16 Feb 2017

A new email [email protected] in place of my old [email protected] Thanks anyway.

  difarn 17:20 17 Feb 2017

I'm not sure that you can export folders from your hotmail account to your newly created Outlook one. I think you could have kept all of the folders had you just changed your hotmail account to Outlook and opted to have a new Outlook address.

I moved from Hotmail to Outlook but opted to keep my Hotmail address and all of my folders and e mails were intact.

click here it still be worth doing this if possible?


  iscanut 20:04 18 Feb 2017

Thanks, but I will just print off those I need to keep, email some of them to my new hotmail address and then close down the old address as I am getting dozens of spam a day now and cant be bothered with it. Thanks for your responses.

  difarn 20:45 18 Feb 2017

No problem. Have you considered opening another Outlook address and going thrugh the process of changing your hotmail account - if this is allowed? That way your hotmail account would cease to be, your files will be in tact and you will have two e-mail addresses.

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