Transfer film from camcorder to pc - Please help!

  newmum 18:43 29 Dec 2007

Hi, I'm a complete novice when it comes to things like this! I have several tapes from my DVC that I would like to burn to disc, and with a new baby would like to make loads more. Am I right in thinking I require a DV cable to do this? I didn't get one with the camera???

  eedcam 19:25 29 Dec 2007

Hi if it is mini -dv then yes you need a firewire cable (Seldom supplied but not expensive)and of course your pc needs to have a firewirecard and the socket. Look in device manager for IEE394 if you see it you will have it.Then get your cable .If you have Xp or vista you willhave a programme called windows movie mker you can the capture the film with that.Let us know if and what you have and we can go from there

  eedcam 19:29 29 Dec 2007

Just in case you dont know how to find device manager Right click on my computer then left click om properties click on the Hardware Tab at the top then click on device manager

  newmum 16:11 30 Dec 2007

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, have discovered my PC does not have the Firewire socket. Is this normal? PC is only 3 yrs old. Any other ideas on how I can get my tapes transferred over myself?

  MCE2K5 16:13 30 Dec 2007

You need one of these, click here

  Technotiger 16:15 30 Dec 2007

No firewire socket - is normal. Easy to remedy with a PCI Firewire Card, this one will give you three sockets ... click here

  eedcam 16:40 30 Dec 2007

Can you confirm it is mini -Dv also does the camcorder have AV out if so an alternative would be to transfer direct to DVD if you have a dvd recorder .What is the camera model then we can check for you

Hi David

  MCE2K5 16:44 30 Dec 2007

Hi John.

  newmum 12:49 01 Jan 2008

Thanks guys! Will go and get one! Where does it slot in to the PC?

  eedcam 13:45 01 Jan 2008

Video here on you tube might help
click here

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