transfer of files from old to new one

  grumps2001uk 16:33 21 Jul 2003

Hi i said i would be back. But not successful as new comp,on getting a blueyonder broadband disc in,closed down after restart, and wouldnt start again. I also noticed no beep on start up. On phone for 1 hour trying to tell tech i think its cooling prob, i left comp off for 1 hour switched on ok whent to restart on techs advice, totall shut down again.He said take side panel off to see if fans are runing, i told him no way, if it wasnt checked properly at site,they could have it back and check it again. Time will be here WED i am now using ME comp

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:45 21 Jul 2003

Am I the only one perplexed?


  Bun 16:47 21 Jul 2003

Nooo. I seem to have lost the thread as well grumps.

  rubella 17:13 21 Jul 2003


grumps2001uk's first problem was how to transfer data from current machine to new machine. he was against the clock as he seems to have some kid of part ex deal going on, and they were coming to collect current machine very soon. click here seems that's now pear shaped 'cos new machine is not yet tamed.

  grumps2001uk 10:46 22 Jul 2003

thanks rubella you have got it in one

  plankton 12:55 22 Jul 2003

You can copy all your files out to floppy while you're on the ME machine, then when you get the XP machine back you will be able to load them onto it (unless the floppies are'nt good ones).

  plankton 15:37 22 Jul 2003

Just another thought, you could get a USB memory stick (if you have a USB link in your ME computer)and use it instead of floppies - less chance of non-reads when copying back to XP machine, and it'll be quicker.

  grumps2001uk 17:59 22 Jul 2003

Thanks plankton
i have already downloaded 21 floppy discs with my files, but as i said i never even got to loading them on new XP Mc. I will come to a compromise with Times,to let me keep ME Mc for a few more weeks as its their fault. And this fri i am hols for 2 weeks

  Tim1964 19:35 22 Jul 2003

It's no your responsibilty to get your new PC working, reject it straight away for a refund.

  Tim1964 19:37 22 Jul 2003

That should have said NOT and RESPONSIBILITY (and I have IEspell as well !!??)

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