transfer of files from old to new one

  grumps2001uk 15:33 19 Jul 2003

Hi grumps 2001uk here,got my new comp but havent the faintist idea how to transfer files. I am completely ignorant about how to do this, can i save icons, and favourites on google, i only have a week to do this. Please could you put it in in simple terms asi said i am ignorant

  VoG II 15:42 19 Jul 2003

Assuming that the new one runs Windows XP click here

  grumps2001uk 17:06 19 Jul 2003

VoG i went to start,accesories, system tools but couldnt find files,and settings transfer wizard do you mean on xp comp or old me comp do i need to take files out off of old me comp and download to new xp as i cant have both on at same time

  VoG II 17:12 19 Jul 2003

It should be on the XP machine - it is on mine.

Try opening Help and Support and type Transfer in the search box. Then click on Files and Settings Transfer Wizard overview. This will give you a link to start the wizard.

  grumps2001uk 17:42 19 Jul 2003

VoG what i am saying is i have a ME comp with files and icons which i want to put to somewhere, so that when i put xp comp on line, i can put them on to xp comp, as the me comp is going back to Time as part of deal i made i know i am a pain but as i said i am a greenhorn

  canard 19:25 19 Jul 2003

Put what you want to transfer on CD and then insert it in new PC and simply do drag and drop transfers. Worked 4 me.

  grumps2001uk 19:44 19 Jul 2003

i do not have cd on ME, have floppy discs can i do it on them, because i did transfer?? some to floppys,and went to my other m/c, inserted floppy and nothing?? i had to shut Me down and change broadband connection over,or is that needed

  fred 22:05 19 Jul 2003

Have you considered using an external hard disk. Well worth the money as a back up solution alone.

Depending on the number of files and their size it could take a while over USB 1.1 but it works.

For example it took 1.5 hours to copy my files over USB 1.1 but only a few minutes to copy them on to the new machine via USB2.

  grumps2001uk 06:38 20 Jul 2003

as i have said, i only have ME mc, till Thursday 24/ of this month, so i have to at least copy all my files and data to be able to put them on XP mc, when i set it up.

  grumps2001uk 12:35 20 Jul 2003

i am hoping someone will tell me soon how to download my files and other bits & bobs if i right click an icon and send to floppy disc would that info be accepted by new XP using files & settings but how do i get to my files & folders to load them i dont mind how long it takes but i have about 20 floppies 1.44mb double sided hig density i am now worried Time will take ME comp before i have all data off it

  Big Elf 15:11 20 Jul 2003

Search for the 'Favorites folder on the old PC and copy and paste it to a floppy. The favorites folder in your new PC is in the 'Documents and Settings' folder and it should be then copied to there. Icon files normally have the extension 'ico' so if you search for them on your old PC using *.ico it should pick them all up so that you can again transfer to a floppy.

What is the size of your other files?

It is also possible to temporarily transfer the hard disk from the old PC to the new one as a slave and copy the files directly but I appreciate you may not have the confidence to do that.

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