Transfer files from old to new computer

  mick 47 23:16 08 Oct 2004

Dear Colleagues

I am shortly to take delivery of a new computer. Can anyone please advise of a way to trnasfer all the data from my old computer to my new one.

Many thanks

Mick Cowan

  hillybilly 23:31 08 Oct 2004

There are various ways. Firstly you can buy a piece of software with a usb cable. I've never used it myself but I believe if you want some easy thats one way. I prefer to take the drive from the old machine and install it into the new one as a slave drive and just copy over what I want.

  Bapou 23:46 08 Oct 2004

If your OS is XP then the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard is for this purpose.

From Start > All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.

  mgmcc 23:53 08 Oct 2004

If both PCs have network adapters installed (new one almost certainly will), connect them with a "crossover" ethernet cable and use the network to transfer your files.

Use this in conjunction with the "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" that Bapou suggests.

  mick 47 00:45 09 Oct 2004


Sorry to sound dim - I know the new one definitly has a network card - but how do I find out if the old one has. (Sorry if I have got this procedure the wrong way round)

Mick Cowan

  mick 47 00:56 09 Oct 2004

Just ran the wizard - I understand it now.Many thanks to you and all colleagues for your help and advice

Mick Cowan

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