transfer of files from old computer

  [DELETED] 05:50 03 Nov 2003

I am a relative novice on the pc and would like to transfer some files from a floppy. The files were originally running on amipro and works for windows 3:1. I have made a copy of these files and would like to put these on to windows xp pro.
Can this be done, how do you do it and will it work?
regards alan

  [DELETED] 08:26 03 Nov 2003

If you have another floppy save these files as text files i.e. .txt and see if you can read them with whatever XP comes with to read such files. Do this straight from the floppy.


  [DELETED] 08:35 03 Nov 2003

Not familiar with Amipro at all, but before someone else who knows more answers your question, here's my input.

I assume you mean after transferring the files to the Windows XP pro computer, whether you can open those files.

To do that, you need a program or application that can read the Amipro files.

Amipro itself can obviously read them. The question is whether you still have the installation diskettes or CD for Amipro, and if so, whether it is compatible with XP.

You can try to install it on XP, to see if it will install, and if so, whether it will run properly. XP has a compatibility wizard to try and install or run old programs emulating an older operating system. click here

If you don't have the installation diskettes any more, or the program will not install or run properly in XP, or you don't want to bother with installing it as the program is obsolete, you can try using another program to open the Amipro files.

Most office applications/word processors can convert some other file types.

For example, if you have Microsoft Word 97, 2000 or XP, click here and download the Office Converter Pack, install it, and it is supposed to include a converter for Amipro 3 files (I don't know which version of amipro you have - but you can still try it).

Then open Word, and open the file from within Word, to see how well the file converts. If it's OK, choose "save as' and save it as a Word document.

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